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no certs or experience, don't care about pay
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How do I convince a full on vaxx freak who happens to be my mother that I don't want to get it? No super schizo shit because if I say something without a source she won't believe it. If it was anyone but my mom i'd say fuck off
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ending pretentions

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So all through elementary school I was told that I was smart. I foolishly allowed that to shape the rest of my life. Now I have accepted that I'm average intelligence at best, but I still hold on to some pretentions. I tried to earn multiply languages, I read history books and am currently reading crime and punishment, I try to learn law stuff and anatomy with the goal of being a neurologist , I tried to learn several things to be a game designer, however I know I'm not talented enough, but all of these are the result of pretentions.
I want to be more genuine to myself and know my limits so what kind of stuff should a average at best person do? I've been living in my pretension too long to even know. I just want to not feel inferior all the time.
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career advice

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im studying in college to become a park ranger. i quite like it. there is much room for professional growth and many skills to be acquired beyond my degree
in the meanwhile, while not much time remains until i graduate, i have a completely unrelated job that doesnt pay much, and im looking for a better alternative

my skillset is too diverse and the things i know have nothing in common between each other. im a computer repairman and a welder
im looking to amplify my knowledge and im not sure which path should i take. grit my teeth and have some patience, bearing my current job? reinforce my already existing experience? learn new things that are related towards my degree (my eyes are set on tree surgery, solar energy systems installer and auto mechanic)?
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I’m a 22 years old senior undergrad and I fucked up. I coasted through the whole thing, barely passing with mediocre marks and compensations. Absolutely no efforts and nothing learned, and this also applies to my life during the last 4 years. I never learned how to work, how to have a consistent schedule, and I can’t do any of the stuff that I‘m supposed to do easily now had I worked. I regret it so much. All these years going by, and I didn’t do a single thing of value, while also seeing my friends get their shit together and progress in their lives. I stagnated hard. What the fuck should I do now? My worthless bachelor degree will be of no use after the year ends, and I will be truly lost. I want to get my shit together but I don’t know what to do.
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How do i get cosplay gf?
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Getting fun back into my life?

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I pulled up counter strike source yesterday and i had a panic attack because i was literally playing this game back in 2011 and was ashamed to be loading it up again. I should be having fun playing but now vidya is funless to me. How do i get the fun. Back?
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How to choose between two paths

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The pandemic has been a life-changer for me in a lots of ways. It has taught me how to organize my time, how to be more disciplined, how to use my time well most of the time. I like this freedom.

But next year, classes are starting normally again, so no having breakfast while listening to the teacher, no more being able to wake up a little late, nothing. And more importantly, I'll lose all of the free time I have now. I'll be outside again from 6 AM to 8 PM most of the time, usually getting home tired. I'll probably have to start working part-time too.

And during this time, I used my free time to learn how to play the piano and the guitar, two things I like doing very much. I progressed a lot and I'm very happy with it, I can play songs I like in both instruments.

I also like drawing a lot. I always wanted to learn how to draw, I always tell myself I don't want to die without learning how to draw what I want to draw, whatever it is now. I've started late this year but I like how I'm progressing and I want to keep it this way.

This is all well and good, but I'll only be able to do this for three-four months at most and then it's back to normal life, more less. My question is: How should I pick what hobby I stay with? Is there a way I can still do both at the same time?

I really want to keep doing both, but I realistically I feel I'll have to choose one in the end, and I want to take the best path for me that lets me grow as a person.

>What do you want to do with both hobbies, Anon?
>I know I want to be good at both, I want do great, I want to surpass the 10k hours with them. That's what I know.

Thanks and take care.
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Easiest skill I can learn to earn livable money from my home?

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I want to earn enough money from home so that I can at least fund my living expenses ($17,700 per year). Ideally I'd like to only work 21 hours a week, be my own boss, work my own hours, have a guaranteed stable income.

I'm thinking about learning digital marketing, particularly SEO, affiliate marketing and copywriting. I don't know if I'd be able to achieve what I want with these though or which of these would be the best.

I've also considered flipping on ebay. I've had really good success selling my old shit on ebay in the past, low effort and big reward. Though the challenge would be finding things that sell without wasting too much money. Seems like I'd lose a lot of money and it's definitely not a guaranteed stable income.

I've thought about teaching English online to adult students in Korea/Japan/China. This seems like the best option but really boring and potentially unstable.

Am I out of my mind for thinking that fits my criteria is possible?
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Side Business & Passive Income

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I have $100,000 saved up. I want to invest this money into something that'll generate me anyware from hundreds to thousands of dollars a month.
I will also accept creative ideas that don't involve me investing any money, maybe side gigs, but I won't accpet any methods or ideas that are illegal or involve sex.
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