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Easiest skill I can learn to earn livable money from my home?

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I want to earn enough money from home so that I can at least fund my living expenses ($17,700 per year). Ideally I'd like to only work 21 hours a week, be my own boss, work my own hours, have a guaranteed stable income.

I'm thinking about learning digital marketing, particularly SEO, affiliate marketing and copywriting. I don't know if I'd be able to achieve what I want with these though or which of these would be the best.

I've also considered flipping on ebay. I've had really good success selling my old shit on ebay in the past, low effort and big reward. Though the challenge would be finding things that sell without wasting too much money. Seems like I'd lose a lot of money and it's definitely not a guaranteed stable income.

I've thought about teaching English online to adult students in Korea/Japan/China. This seems like the best option but really boring and potentially unstable.

Am I out of my mind for thinking that fits my criteria is possible?
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Side Business & Passive Income

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I have $100,000 saved up. I want to invest this money into something that'll generate me anyware from hundreds to thousands of dollars a month.
I will also accept creative ideas that don't involve me investing any money, maybe side gigs, but I won't accpet any methods or ideas that are illegal or involve sex.
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See cute girl all by herself all the time

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>Too shy and no balls to talk to
>The next day, actually grow some balls but cute girl not there
>Hear she ded via suicide
How you get over regret, grief, and lost?
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My hairline is like this character at 30. Is it over? I cannot pull off being bald. I'm a 5/10 on a good day. How long have I got?
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I’m an early twenties British first year medical student very seriously considering moving to the USA. My academic record is likely amongst the top 1% of medical students and would definitely be amongst the top 5%. Recently made my first million and so financing the exams/interviews isn’t an issue. (Anyone wondering why I’m here, started browsing as an abused child 10+ years ago and never kicked habit).

Anyway that’s me, this is why I want to move

1) high pay/low tax/low cost of living. I won’t lie this is the primary reason.
2) find myself agreeing with American values/ideas/concepts far more than british ones. For example, The emphasis on personal responsibility and independence vs constantly relying on the state. You’re judged for what you’ve done, not your class background.
3) weather. Weather is just better
4) opportunity for kids. I would love for any kids I have in the future to grow up somewhere where they can make £50k working as a teacher/police officer, or £500k as a surgeon/FAANG employee.
5) the training is quicker so I’ll be a consultant/attending much quicker than in the uk

As to what I’m going to do, can someone evaluate my plan?
>start studying for USMLEs and sit them in holidays
>do the final year elective in USA to recite a letter of recommendation
>finish fy1 in the uk
>after fy1 take a year out and spend it travelling/interviewing in USA
>hopefully start residency, preferably in a major city but not fussed about much else. Would be equally happy in LA or Dallas.
>find a job in area of clinical need and get a j1 exemption on Conrad 30 to avoid the condition to return home for 2 years
>work 3 years in said area taking me to 35 years old

Do I sound like I have a plan?
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Approaching my mid-20s and
>don't want to go to college
>don't want to work more than part-time
>don't want to get my driver's
>don't want friends
>don't want a gf
>don't want kids
>don't want to buy a house
>don't care about money
Anyone else?
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need help with revenge plz

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i need help, i hired a guy to tow me, $400 up front, 600 at completion from northern california to san diego, we drove to my car, while i was hooking it up, he left, with my stuff too.
he left me in the middle of knowhere, with no money, no phone, nothing, plus shorts and tshirt- it was fucking freezing at night, about 1 week later i got home, called to arrange my car getting returned, it was stolen. and i am still physically recovering.
this fucker needs to suffer, and i will be forever greatfull for any/all help!
his name richard lee curry sr
his # (707) 227-9726
i will gladly take any other data you can compile on him
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Redpill me on reversed osmosis/destilled water

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How much of stuff kikes say about drinking that is true?
I don't want fluoride in my water, what do anons?
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Spend a lot to renew home or go rent?

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European here. My grandma is living in a retirement home and is sadly near the end of her life. Her home is now empty and I could move there. Thing is, it's a very old house (from the 60's) and it would require a massive amount of renovations (think at least 30,000 euros/42000 dollars).

I want to move with my gf but I am thinking if it is worth it. It is a lot of a money for a old house that will never be modern or new anyways, in a industrial part of town.

If we split the rent, we could get a 300 euros each deal per month.That's at least 100 months.

My parents are kinda old and their house (where I am living at the moment) is big, too big for two old people. This is way I am reluctant to spend that sum on a house that I could leave in less than 15 years.


So I have basically 3 options:

1) renew old house (at least 30k euros)
2) go rent 300 euros/month
3) renew some parts of my current parents house - I live here and I could do something like indipendent entrance for a 2nd floor apartment. I am reluctant to do this because I'd feel like I still have my parents around.

What would you do?
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I want to leave my city

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I moved here to be closer to family
my family needs to be left for dead
I try to help them, like, bring money,
they burn the money and force me to miss work and watch them drink
help me i dont know what to do i cant afford to buy a new house or even down payment on new rental right now help i can work in any city i just cant get that lump sum to up and go
i could be homeless for a while maybe