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Is this sentence grammatically correct?

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Should I buy Kindle or curb my OCD?

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I started reading books. I tried paperback books but for convenience I have decided to turn to e-reading.

I bought an 8inch samsung tablet (pic related one) for $155 where I am from. I have decided to use it for e-reading, but circumstances forced me to use it to store pics and download apps. I feel like its contaminated and not "pure" now.

I bought an e-reading app from Google Play that hosts an integrated dictionary, so I can understand the meaning of any ambiguous word as I go. So I completely do NOT need Kindle.

I can download any books I want from LibGen or B-OK, as well.

But it has this stupid issue with buffering. Any video that I play on that tablet buffers and has an endless loading "circle".

Technically I don't really care because I only bought it to read epubs, which it does 100% fine.

I also dropped it once (on a carpetted floor) and I feel like it got "violated".

The video issue and the one drop it had is literally making me uneasy, wanting to buy a Kindle instead.

A kindle paperwhite costs $282 where I am from and I only have ~$107 on me. I will need to slave for a few months before I can make that $282.

I shouldn't do this. I will not do this. I will take this tablet and use it for 10 years until it breaks, because that's what a sane man should do.

Please, do two things:

1. The tablet I have FULFILLS my needs. I DON'T need a Kindle. How to internalize that?
2. I don't watch videos on it. Again, only bought it to read ebooks. How to stop treating this tablet like a gaming PC build I was scammed on? I feel like it ought to play videos correctly. It's not a hardware issue but rather I think that tablet has 2G internet capability or something I think, as I bought (gifted) an identical tablet for my mother to watch her soap operas on and it still buffers. I regret gifting her that shit lmao.
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Should I buy this 3000 dollar TV?

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No wage job anymore, but year-to-date in the stock market, I'm up around 300k. That's roughly 30k/month on average since the beginning of the year. I also live with my parents, drive a 15 year old truck, spend too much time looking for sales/browsing slickdeals and end up not buying anything, and youtube is my main source of entertainment.

I really feel like I need to do something with my money. Should someone bringing in 30k/month on average really be living like a poor college student? I have no friends/gf, so it's not like I'm comparing myself with anyone. When I pull up my account in the morning, a gain or loss of 3k is basically the same as a non-movement/break-even day for me. Plus, 3k for this TV is an amazing deal. I feel like I just need to upgrade something in my life, and my current TV is the oldest item I regularly use and most reasonable candidate.

On the other hand, I don't need a new TV. I don't console game and I mostly watch anime. You don't need a 77 inch OLED TV for that. What is the point of buying such a luxury item when I'm not going to use it to its full potential anyways? My current 55 inch LED from a decade and a half ago works fine for everything I want to do. Plus once you start to exclusively use your money to generate more money, you lose out on the compounding effect of any future growth by spending the money now.

I've been going back and forth the past couple of days. Can someone please help with my comically first world problem? Thanks.
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How do I get better at accepting, and handling setbacks?

I studied a foreign language diligently in college, and even spent a year studying abroad in the country where that language is spoken.

I felt like I was creeping closer and closer to conversational fluency and mastery every single day.

After a year, I was forced to return to my home country and finish my degree.

I found that I learned more in my one year abroad than I did in my 4 years studying at home.

I finished my degree, but haven't had the motivation to study since I wasn't living overseas anymore.

A few years have gone by and my second language skills have slightly diminished, even though I use them occasionally at work.

I still find myself unmotivated, and even worse discouraged from picking up a textbook since I'll have to study hard to get to the level I once was, then further.

How do I condition myself to be more motivated than I ever was?
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ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything

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There's a big shit fight in the old thread so don't link them to the new one edition

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social media in university

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i am starting university in september and i have been advised to make a facebook account before starting. the university’s facebook group has thousands of members and i’ve been told to get it so i can meet people and get to know my flat mates before starting
i don’t have much experience with normie social media and i’ve only used 4chan and discord really. what’s the etiquette with them and what kind of stuff do i post to not seem like a social autist? is having social media account essential for making friends in uni? should i set my face as my profile picture or do people not do that
i haven’t made the account yet
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Will God forgive suicide?

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Planning on committing suicide within the next two days. Do you guys think God will forgive me? I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t have a valid reason to. If I pray before I do the deed, can my soul still be saved?
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I've decided that formal education is the best way for everyone to learn magick.
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living the eco-extremist life

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I want to abandon the comfort of modern life and technology and live as a disciple of Gaia and a dweller of the abyss of humankind.
i will stop paying internet,electricity,and gas(water so far,yes,for now),i'll grow my own food and eat, i'll even try to make my own clothes.

is it possible to do this without going insane?can i still live in the midst of humans?
how do i join anarchist/socialist group,or some lumpen, hated group such as communists?
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Buying a house within 4 months

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I've had the idea of moving to a particular part of my country in my head for a good few years now, coming and going. It's returned to me recently.
Basically my idea involves moving to that place, buying a property and living there. Maybe for a while, maybe not.
I'm an Ausfag, and there are a few very good deals available from the government for first home buyers. What I'm particularly interested in now, is a grant for people "building" a house (or purchasing a newly built home or doing significant renovation) available until the 31st of December this year. It's basically a free 25k if you happen to fall in to that category (as well as other incentives, including a 15k grant for first home buyers). The median house price there is a bit over 500k, although I'd intend to go for something along the lines of 300-400k.

Of course there's only 4 months left in the year. Basically I'd need to get my shit together pretty quickly if I want that extra 25k. The major risk there is making rash decisions. I have been doing my research and thinking about the pros and cons.
When you consider all the costs involved, particularly mortgage costs, securities are probably a better investment than property. (although the area I have in mind I believe should be a strong growth area in the mid-term) But for one thing you don't get to have something you can say "look, I own this" (emotional factor), and you don't get 40k in gibmedats to buy stock.

So I guess my main questions are: Is it feasible or realistic to go from day dreaming to signing a contract on a house purchase between now and the end of the year? And what are major mistakes I'm likely to make in attempting such a thing?