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Football /adv/ice

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/adv/ qualified for the 2022 4chan Summer Cup, and it's been a while since the team's roster was updated, so if you are interested in /adv/'s participation in virtual football, drop by this thread and post your suggestions on how to improve the team's roster, music, etc, or also if you'd be interested in becoming the team's manager.
For those who don't know about it or never heard about 4chan virtual football before, the 4cc (4chan cup) is a simulation of Pro Evolution Soccer being competed between teams which are embodiments of boards of the 4chan imageboard. The players represent facets of each board's culture and all of the matches are AI versus AI. The next cup, the Summer Cup, will start in 2 weeks.
Here's the FAQ page about these tournaments:

And here's the roster poll if you're interested in seeing the /adv/ team compete:
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Should I do a trade, learn a skill, start a business or submit to the college hivemind

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I don't like the college establishment but I feel it best fits my personality. I do well in academics and am asocial because I don't feel personally connected to people and feel they aren't alike enough. It isn't that I'm ultra-smart, my IQ is a good but not great 115 according to my WISC-V, but I am different and am in my own overthinking and logical head than people in my same range.

It isn't that "I'm not like others" I just feel too disconnected to start anything that would make me ultra-successful and I don't want a blue-collar stereotype that doesn't go with my self-created stereotype of myself that came from other people saying pretty similar to me. I know what people like, what personalities they can have in an instant too but have no connection and look at them like a characters from a book. I should be more like an accountant or something than a mechanic or CEO although I desperately want to be something like that.

The final saving grace is that I can do CSS, HTML and learned Javascript and React, though I'm not sure how stable that actually is as jobs are becoming tighter and that's a pain to keep up with.

I'm an 18-year-old (was applied to school late) senior with a 3.8 GPA and 1220 SAT and multiple clubs and AP classes, I can apply to most non-ivy/public-ivy/prestigious colleges if I want to.
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Just a reminder that having a girlfriend in high school doesn't mean you'll be happy later one

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That's been the case for me anyways. The girl I dated in high school, who I ended up marrying and later divorcing, is the only woman I've ever loved. I've had multiple girlfriends subsequent to her and none have ever come close in my opinion. I feel like I got too much love early on and it screwed me. Now I just pine for the past.
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I need you guys help, some idiot named Foodistzen. I bet you guys have heard of him atleast once, and if you havent, oh well are you in for a treat. This guy makes fun of dead people and youtubes and posts animal abuse (especially about cats) on his discord server. This guy needs to be stopped before its too late!

His server;

We need him stopped!
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Is being too accepting of others a red flag?

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I've been going out with this woman and everything seems cool, but there's one thing that bugs me... she's very accepting. She clearly has some standards when it comes to dating, but outside of that she tolerates a lot of bullshit. For example, she personally thinks drinking is bad, but she's fine with having drunkard friends and will go to a party with them if invited. She says "I'm ok with it as long as they don't force me to get drunk too". This is the exact opposite of how I approach things - I hate being around people who do things that I dislike. I wouldn't even bother being friends with a drunkard in the first place. If I were invited, I would tell them to fuck off and refuse to go.

Could this cause trouble in the future? It applies to pretty much everything, not just drinking. Is it a potentially beneficial difference, or am I simply digging my own grave by dating her? I'm rather picky with who deserves my respect, while she's being friendly with just about anyone who doesn’t lie or acts hypocritical.
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I have 2500€ I know is not much, but I realy want to invest this money in something.
Do you have any ideas?
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I've just watched boku no pico, should i end with my life so i stop being a degenerated fuck?

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I want this to end. I dont want to be attracted by that shit. I want a normal life or ill end this.
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Is this Asian guy can't get girl thing just a meme?

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I keep hearing that Asian guys can't get gf, that we Asian male are at the lowest of the dating pool.

This is not how I experienced. I'm Chinese, I've often had girls who asking me out, White and Asian. I've never had problem getting girlfriends or get sex from pretty girls. Had tons of match on Tinder as well.

I now think it's more because lots of Asian guy are short. The problem is their height; not because they are Asian

I'm 6 feet tall with a nice face, so I never had problem with dating
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Scared of women

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I grew up lonely and kind of detached from society but miraculously I found some friends and now I have a decent personality that I can easily make friends with.

My only problem is talking to women.. I'm used to talking all day to other men (i'm a construction worker) and I rarely ever talk to a girl that it's not my mom..
How do you even approach them and what do you say to them? I just see them as sex objects that I want to fuck.

Yesterday was at a party and I saw some cute girls but I never approached one because I was kind of scared.. what do you say to them and how do you make them have sex with you?
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Boyfriend is racist and I am not even white

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I met my boyfriend a year ago, and we used to be only friends, so I did not really care about his white nationalism bullshit and I didn’t expect him to find me attractive at all or fall in love with me.
It happened tho. And I quickly fell in love with him too and we got into a relationship. He is very sweet to me, he calls me pretty, he says I am the most beautiful woman he has ever seen and he wants to marry me. He wants me to move in with him as soon as possible.
The thing is, I didnt forget the thing he said. I am Syrian, so Arab. He is English white.
When we were still friends he would stay stuff like, sandniggers are so ugly, fucking mudslimes shouldnt come to america blablabla. And I knew he was serious. I know for a fact that he still thinks like that, he just doesnt say that kind of stuff around me anymore. I know he says awful stuff about people like me with his friends.
It really fucking hurts me, but I can’t see myself with anyone else. And he is the only man that ever really wanted me, I feel like if I leave him I won’t find anyone else.
It’s just so hard to believe he says stuff like this, and then kiss me all over and calls me perfect etc..
I know he is serious about me, since he introduced me to his family (they arent racist, and they like me).
I am just starting to having doubts about his feelings towards me. I feel like he probably doesn’t find me attractive since “shitskins” are so ugly to him.
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