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What would be the best platform to live stream my suicide? I don’t want my stream to get pulled just before the money shot.
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People in the northeast US who installed solar panels, how much does it save you on your electric bill year round? The more recent the better. I'm thinking about getting them set up before next summer
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I wanna kill myself but my survival instinct won't let me

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It should be absurdly simple; just have to stand on my toilet, tie a belt, rope or whatever to a rack that's right above it, and let my feet slip off.

Yet everytime I try it, my body just won't respond. Unironically, what the hell do you do in this situation? Guns are sadly not an option where I live, and everything else is too unreliable. Should I literally just stay alive?

For what it's worth, I'm 26, 6/10 in looks, with a good physique and well educated, but so socially impaired I'm unable to do basic shit (get a job, maintain relationships, etc.). I've no clue what to do.
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Can anyone link me to best resume sample for someone who has nothing to write in resume
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Would you drop your life to live with a girlfriend/boyfriend who wants to move to another state far away?

I'm doing online dating, I live near a prestigious University and hospital so I get matched with doctors who are finishing up their last years of residency. Most of them plan on going back to their home state or elsewhere when they're done in a couple years. It's a terrible idea but okay to quit one of the best hospitals around but okay.

I just landed a permanent job that doesn't pay NEARLY as much as a doctor, but it's a rare opportunity I wouldn't find elsewhere. I went on a pleasant date with one today, but he wants to move in the bumblefuck mountains on the other side of the country. He tried to lure me in saying how rich he'll be.

Am I in the wrong for turning these guys down? Would you move for a potential partner?
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What's it like having a dominant gf?
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How To Recover After You've Given Up?

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I'm very unsatisfied with my life. Lately I've been trying to figure out why, and doing some self reflection. I think a big reason I'm unsatisfied is because I just can't seem to stick with things. I pick something up, give it a shot for a while, and eventually I give up on it. I think somewhere along the way I ended up giving up on myself as well. A common piece of advice I've heard from people I respect is to "never give up" "keep trying", etc. But I just don't have that fire inside of me at all. I think I gave up a long time ago. I'd like to get that drive, that consistency back, that I lost so long ago, but I don't know how to do it. I was wondering if anyone on this board has experience with losing all hope, then gaining it back and fighting to build their lives back up again. What helped you to keep going, even when it got tough? What prevented you from throwing your hands in the air and giving up? I want to change, I just don't know how.
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Just how i feel

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I'm sorry, but i need to get it out of my chest. Ignore it if you want.

I'm tired of "improving" I got my college degree, and a nice job. I hitted the gym and started doing everything "right"

And yes it worked, after 28 years old i finally started doing everything "right" and what was my reward? My due my age my dating pool is reduced to used goods roasties, single moms, died up eggs 30 years old women and the rest of leftover women that see me an easy way out after Chad dumped their asses and found themselves in the middle age.

But this way of living doesn't satisfying me. I dont hate women but I didn't "deserved" them before because i wasn't Chad. I don't think they deserve me now that ive come this far ALONE. Without anyone's help.

I'm tired, Im alone. I'm empty, I'm sad, and im dissatisfied. I'm disappointed of women. Hard work is a lie, it doesn't pays off, I'll always be second to Chad no matter what i do.

I used to complain because no woman wanted me, now i complain because all the woman that want me are trash, and i don't want any of them. I'll never have a teenage love, a pure and innocent.
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Gradually fucking up life

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I have a shit GPA, meaning I can't graduate this year. My degree is also fucking useless. I didn't get any of the jobs I applied for. I failed my driving test 4 times, and will likely fail my lifeguarding test and lose my only job this summer.

All I see are my friends around me graduating and moving into their careers, while I struggle to know what to do next. I dread looking at social media and seeing how people have succeeded and made such close connections throughout university.

I genuinely think I have autism because I would spend hours reading wiki pages instead of doing my actual assignments. Would get an assessment but they cost a fucking arm and a leg.

Younger introverted anons, never go into a social science degree, just go do STEM and make some decent money without being a fuckup. Also do your autism assessments while in school cause they might cover it.
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Get If Off Your Chest - /GIOYC/

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Previous: >>26698589

Everything I have worked towards for literally 6 months, 70 hours per week, all the stress and misery, it all just imploded and collapsed. I failed. I am starting to lose hope for success one day. This is absolutely devastating me. And the worst part is that it's not isolated; this failure means future paths are destroyed. The possibilities for my life just lessened. I'm livid with myself. I would rather be dead that mediocre.
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