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Get If Off Your Chest - /GIOYC/

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Everything I have worked towards for literally 6 months, 70 hours per week, all the stress and misery, it all just imploded and collapsed. I failed. I am starting to lose hope for success one day. This is absolutely devastating me. And the worst part is that it's not isolated; this failure means future paths are destroyed. The possibilities for my life just lessened. I'm livid with myself. I would rather be dead that mediocre.
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Is it a suspicious sign if your girlfriend randomly asks a question about “cheating”? She and I were playing a game together and randomly she was like “hey I got a question.. what do you consider as examples of cheating?” And I was suddenly thrown back by what she was asking so I wasn’t sure if she was genuinely curious or actually hiding something and wasn’t sure.

I confronted her a little about it but like she kept denying and saying “I’m not flirting with guys but I accidentally do it sometimes” and “I was not ever sure what is designated as cheating and what is not, I just don’t want to ruin anything between us”.

I was cheated on in my past so I wasn’t sure how to interpret this. What do I make of this conversation)
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People sometimes laugh when someone says that a person needs to go to college to find love and companionship but what else is there?

>Be me
>Out from 2012 to 2020
>Get job from 2020 to 2021

>Job was a sausage fest, no intersex mingling

So where do you socio develop exactly If not college/school?
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Would you be embarrassed having a chest this size? All views welcome
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How do I cope with having wasted my teenage years by staying home and spending all the time off school in front of a computer screen? I guess it's mostly my appearance issues and psychological problems caused by bullying that made it possible. Now I'm 20 and have kinda fixed my appearance but what's the fucking point? Just in a matter of five or six years, I won't be young anymore, and I'm still not socialized properly. When I hear some normies saying they got laid at the age 15 or did something else that I didn't, I feel so bad about myself. What do I do? Any tips?
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>be me
>start new job
>best paying job I've ever had
>hired by the president and vp to run their office for them
>nobody else in the office, just us three
>just me some days
>fast forward a few days
>president can't figure out why a contractor blocked his number
>vice president can't realize that he was ghosted by a contractor
>their consultant picked a pajeet scam company to build their website and design their logo (a consultant did this) (consultants are generally known for making good decisions)
>the consultant wants to micromanage me

I'm hired to create order out of this chaos, bucko. Do I walk away from this donkey rodeo or do I weather out the storm and see how bad things get? Do I become the court jester and point out the king's flaws even though he might kill the messenger? Do I tell the consultant to stop micromanaging me? At this point they really need me more than I need them. I could walk away and see what they might offer me to stay. What would you do if you were me?
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I only attract degenerates on Dating sites

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>horny dude
>ok looking, kinda muscular
>barely get matches on bumble/tinder, either never text or never reply.
>those who reply are either hambeasts or mentally ill trannies/lgbt non binary fags
>match with one
>she starts ranting about how she just came from a mental institute after 1 month there and feels mentally fucke
>((they)) are on antidepressants and feel like shit
>kek, bio said “non-binary” not even surprised
>get match today
>some troon i accidentally swipped right on when jerking off
>doesn’t even pass, manly bony structure
how can i solve this? The mentally ill chick is kinda tomboy hot (i just hope it’s not a troon) and i really want to buttfuck a white sjw mentally ill girl (yes very specific i know). What do bros? Should i just embrace the degeneracy? All the fatties aren’t even the hot ones, the hot fat booba ones i mwtched with barely answered
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how do I make friends /pol/?
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i have an unhealthy obsession.

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i've known this girl since i was young, her and i are childhood friends. she's confided in me her deepest, darkest secrets. even though i've done bad things she always accepts me with understanding and kindness, never throwing me away. for her i do the same. she just seems perfect. sure, she has her flaws and i'm well aware of them, but they're what MAKE her so perfect. we're both fucked up and have been through more than we deserve but we fit together like two puzzle pieces. i daydream about having a life together, how happy she could be. i envision graphic scenes of me torturing and humiliating those who've done her wrong. her face gives me butterflies, her smile brings me joy, her laugh lifts my heart, her voice soothes my soul. she's too much of a sweetheart to utilize me this way, but if she needed me to i would give her my everything: my body, my wellbeing, my health, my money, even my freedom are all secondary to my plans to make her happy. this world has taken so much from her, and she's never truly experienced what it's like to be loved and valued like she absolutely deserves to be. when my mental illness gets really bad they tell me i was put on this earth to give her a good life, and it's hard not to believe them. especially when i'm aware that few others understand her like i do, and i have the traits and the drive to give her everything she needs.

we dated at one point, and although it went so well at first i ended up fucking things up pretty bad. nonetheless, even though i (emotionally) hurt her, she still wanted my friendship and took me back with open arms! we felt a real spark, a real connection, and when things went well it was divine. i just need to be more resilient, stronger, more dependable, i know things will work out in time.

that being said, however, i am not blind. i know that harboring such obsessive feelings towards her will burn me again and ruin everything. how can i work towards seeing her in a healthier, more realistic light?
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Is there any place to hook up with virgin girls who use 4chan, that isn't 4chan itself?
This site as been my main source of social interactivity for ~14 years. I doubt I have anything in common with a girl who doesn't use it, and I certainly don't have anything in common with a girl who isn't also a virgin.
That said, whenever I try here, just when I think I'm getting somewhere some fartknocker butts in as if he's me, and she doesn't know who she's replying to anymore and just stops replying. This never bothered me before but obviously it's fucking annoying when I finally decide to try and find chicks.
I wont use Discord because it's for faggots.
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