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Just out of high school have been planning to go into US armed forces, but have recently had a change of heart involving my dad who supports me fully but has been in extremely bad health. I don't feel he has that much longer based on our genes and we never spent that much time together because he worked so much. I really want to spend a few more years with my dad but people are trying to talk me into going regardless. This is stupid right? I don't think taking care of my dad for a few years will ruin my life.
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Why are guys so easily aroused? Every bf I've had is constantly horny and wanting to fuck. Its fun until it becomes tiresome, because it seems like even the most inconsequential things can get a guy turned on and begging for sex.
I feel guilty for telling my bf I'm not in the mood so often, but if I said yes every time we'd be having sex multiple times a day every day.
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I'm a 28 years old virgin and need some tutorials on how to be good at sex, or at least good enough to bullshit my way into her believing I'm just rusty from not having sex since the beginning of the pandemic.
Articles, tips, videos, pirateable books, I want everything. Help.
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Easiest university degree?

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What’s an easy college degree I can get if I’m bad at math? My health is poor, I am trying to get a decent job so I can raise money and I just don’t understand math and am autistic.

I’m at the point where I perform self surgery on my neck or flee. Help me. I’m too old for this. I am 27 and have made a mistake, help me fix my life, what do I do? No family will help and I can’t seem to even get hired at McDonald’s. I live with family who insult me daily. Nobody treats me like a human being or like I have value. I take adderall to function but want to use it to learn something.
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Why are women all of a sudden into me at 30?

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I have nothing but contempt for women now. My 20s was a constant push for self improvement and building my confidence, and now that I'm fit and have a six figure job they're coming to me in droves now. I was in decent shape in my early 20s too but they wanted nothing to do with me.

A part of me wants to follow it through and see what I can get before I get too old, but a part of me feels extremely disgusted at women now. It's like, they never wanted me when I needed them most on my journey, but now that I'm hot shit they want to play? Fuck off.

I don't know what changed since now and then, if it's money, maturity, confidence or what. After a certain point around the age of 23-24 I became really emotionless and cold towards women because they wouldn't give me anything to work with either, and I think maybe that's what they're attracted to for all I know.

Should I smash or pass?
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Where can I buy a house for under $50k?

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Suppose I have about $60k, and qualify for autism benefits of $600/month plus EBT once I'm under a certain net worth (home you live in doesn't count towards that). Where in the USA would be the best place to look for a move-in-ready prefabricated house on it's own lot for under $50k, and has cost of living low enough to get by on about $800 a month?
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I feel like the average person hates me because of my race/ethnicity based on what I see on social media. I can’t dissociate what I see online and random people I see on the sidewalk.

It feels so pointless. I feel like people laugh at me on the sidewalk and think I’m a loser because I’m an Indian male. The same torturing I see on TikTok, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook comments whenever my race is brought up. Particularly my race and gender combo because of the Bob and vagene. Before you tell “why don’t you guys stop being creepy online”. HOW THE FUUUUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO CONTROL HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF MEN. I dont dm women online. I don’t look at people in the sidewalk. I stare at the ground so no one thinks I’m staring at them. I am polite (hold doors and shit) and don’t expect anything in return. I literally just wake up, work, go to the gym, come home and think about how much society hates me because I’m an Indian man. I live in Atlanta by the way. I could move if it’s because of location, but I almost want to stay and be part of a change to make it less racist. Something doesn’t sit right with me that I have to move to be happy. I should be allowed to be happy in my hometown. Sometimes I think I need the technological singularity to happen and hope AGI can take me to a universe where Indian men aren’t reviled by Americans. I’m born and raised here btw. 26 y/o millennial/gen z with a dose of pop culture and public schooling like 99% Americans my age.
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Literally every advice given to me in real life has been true

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My 30 year old buddy who was obsessed with "personality tricking", is right, and no, he was never telling me to be a pyschopath manipulatorm he was just telling me to learn when to shutup, when to not want ro extract satisfaction from a conversation, when to listen, and how to conceptualize ideas to avoid offending the person.

I ignored these advices for a while, pursuing satisfaction and pride out of talking to people. Wanting to spill the beans, like I am doing with this post.

And obviously this post won't backfire, but a lot of the time when I was simply dismissing his advice, saying only what I and I personally wanted to, it backfired.

The list goes on amd on but older people really do have good wisdom. Obviously, you have to filter out the bad from the good but wisdom is important.
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Seriously, how can i solve my procrastination problem?

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I shouldn't be on this website right now...
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This is a thread to give advice: avoid Verizon, and never trust (((capitalists)))

So I think I just got scammed out of 100 dollars by Verizon. I bought a phone today just to have another phone to use on wifi.

I have had I think 8 smartphones in my life and I never needed to activate with a carrier (aka get a contract) in order to use the phone offline or on wifi. But this phone I just bought, you have to activate to use your own wifi. I didn't realize this until after I had started it.

Most people probably don't buy any phones without the intention of immediate activation, but to me this is another case of Jews trying to leech more money out of people. There is no reason but pure greed for them to make this phone completely unusable (besides 911) before activation.
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