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How to stop being an attention whore?
Pretty much everything I do (drawing, writing, buying expensive shit and many other seemingly random things) is for positive attention from internet strangers. Of course, I feel a bit happy when doing it, but the aspect of others appreciating my work is strong in every case.
How do I get rid of my ego/whatever it is and start doing things purely for myself? I feel like I'm wasting my life thinking about other people opinion.
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How do I teach English to high schoolers in an engaging manner?

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Apologies if this would be better suited to /lit/. I'm pursuing a profession as an English professor and am working on obtaining my doctorate in education. In the meantime I'll be working as a high school English teacher to pay the bills. Throughout high school and college I've come to understand that a vast majority of people hate English as a subject but can't ever seem to put their finger on why. Any tips on how I can spark a passion for English in my future students? Or, perhaps, prevent them from hating it further?
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I fell in love with one (1) girl. We dated years ago. I've never loved anyone like I loved her. With her, I genuinely knew what love felt like. It was mutual for a time. I've met hundreds of beautiful and interesting people, but I've never loved anyone like her yet. Is there a name for this?

We could never date again. It's not a "she's the only one" thing. But I haven't felt that love since. I wish I could.
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My gf comes from an EXTREMELY antisemitic Muslim family. How do I tell them?
They'll find out eventually but currently they think I'm a Christian white guy.
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Where can I meet women to date if I don't want to use dating apps?
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is what I did enough for charges to be filed?

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I'm in Nashville, Tennessee in the USA
I am a total fool, I don't know why I did this...anyway, much help would be appreciated.

I sent bitcoin and my address, is that enough for charges to be filed??
Today I watched a Vice video on youtube, showing how easy it was to purchase drugs of any kind on Instagram. I made an account, found a random dealer, and sent him bitcoin for LSD. I immediately tried to cancel my transaction, but Bitcoin can't be cancelled once sent. So I told the person that I do not want anything with the money, that if he wanted to refund it that that was fine. I told him that I was stupid and made a mistake. If I receive a package, I absolutely WILL NOT sign for it or open it. I made a mistake, I regret it.
Am I going to be okay? I do not want to go to jail and I do not want the LSD. His accound seems real enough, so I'm hoping I'll just lose $120 and walk away from this a little more humble. Please help me.
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I don't know what to do about my sister

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She is failing at school and doesn't study. She just plays fortnite, watches tiktok, and talks with her friends on snapchat and whatever young kids use (I'm 19 but don't use social media).
She is 13, but acts like a total brat. She doesn't respects us, screams at us, tells us to shut up and so on. Sometimes I get so angry that I hit her (not with the fist of course), but my mother gets very angry and I'm not allowed to do that. But my mother never does anything. She gives her a punishment, but ends the punishment the next day (even if it was supposed to be longer). She never follows through with the punishments. And my father is almost never home and only shouts at my sister once and then goes in his room and that's it.
It all became worse since we moved. This area is more wealthy, and the kids here are all a bunch of spoiled brats. Today my sister screamed extremely loud because I took her tablet away because she didn't want to come down for dinner. She started crying, kicking and screaming. She tells my mom to shut up and to not touch her and my mom still doesn't really do anything. And my mom will probably allow my sister to have her tablet back by tomorrow.

My sister doesn't respects us at all. What should I do?
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How do you know if a friend is flirting with you rather than being friendly?
>shes ok with my arm around her shoulder and one time her waist when I was feeling bold
>bought me drinks that I said make me flirty
>we drink each others drinks
>held hands for a bit as she led me to the bar
>kissed my cheek but can't really remember the context of why
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Is their a way to hook up my house, or many of its appliances, to solar myself without needing to get it fitted on the roof with very expensive handymen?
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Are photo booth setups at weddings tacky or a must have?

My family loves them. My parents insist on us having one and paying for it, but my fiancé finds them tacky. He doesn’t want a photo booth at our wedding because he feels it will take people away from the dance floor and that they’re more for proms or sweet 16s.

My feelings are in the middle because I do like having fun photo ops with my sisters and friends, but I also don’t want guests creating a line around the room and not dance.

Thoughts? Opinions?
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