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>the few attractive black women that exist either only date thug black guys or don't date black guys at all
>getting rich would be useless, most of the male black celebrities are married to total uggos while 10/10s like Zoe Saldana or Tara Davis are being swooped up by white men
>can't even fap to them in porn because the ones having sex with black guys are either hideous or ghetto hoodrats
>4channers just rub it in like assholes
>can't tell this to people on normie sites because they'll think I'm a schizo
How do I cope with this? I don't even have anyone to confide in.
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how would someone save money to buy car, but he can't go to work because he don't have car?
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Hi guys, I'm going to break up with my girlfriend next week.
Do any of you have any advice on how to not break her heart too much, so she doesn't go ballistic?
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ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything! (ATOGA)

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I’m fucking done

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Two of my friends are cheating with one another and they are both manipulating me. I’m ready to burn bridges with both of them and just ruin their social lives. They’re not smart, so I’m planning on confronting them at an event we’re all going to and secretly record them and show it to their partners. Bad plan?
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Going on a 3rd date tomorrow. Right before confirming whereabouts I get this:
>Want to meet up a little earlier? I also wanted to talk about something

How bad did I screw up?
Only bad news can come from such a statement right?
What should I expect?
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>About to quit shit job
>Lost all my friends 2020-2022
>Hobbies don’t give me same satisfaction
>Watch a ton of porn for quick dopamine and a ton of Tik Tok in order to watch videos of beautiful/talented people
>Family situation is fucked and has been for years now
>Been Fat since adolescence

I really want to rope. Already Anti-Natalism so no worry about new failures on the earth. I entertained the thought of self improvement but my genetic material is literal dogshit tier.

How and Why do people like me exist?
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Vacation without your gf/bf

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So I'm pretty broke, my gf and I we have been for 5 months, only went 3-4 days on vacations (except 15 days together due to covid), the rest, chill plans during weekends, tourism, eating out...Now, my sister invited me to go with her to Italy, I have only went outside my country twice in my 35 years, the trip would be cheap and she would invite me, going full hobo and not spending a lot during the travel and nothing fancy at all which is really fine for me, she went to another city 10 years ago so I see her maybe 5 times per year.

The problem is that my gf thinks that people should only go on vacations with their bfs/gfs, no traveling with family so me going with my sister is really big red flag, she ended saying I did only shitty plans with her and that all the cool stuff was with my sister (wrong, I have never go with my sister alone to any place, outside when I was living at her city) and that since she (my gf) is poor I don't want to do anything with her. I told her that I would go with her once she had vacations, then we would plan something, but she does not understand that, going with my gf is a big NO for her. She also said she asked 3 friends and all of them said I was on the wrong, my sister sees no problem, and she is happy with her BF of almost 10 years, she splits her vacations to see the family and go with her bf to travel, most of her friends do the same.

I ended the call and disconnected at the moment she was implying I was some kind of leecher and called my plans with her shitty.I was also mad because she often finds some bullshit to start random drama because she is really insecure and has tantrums.

So whats your opinion on traveling with or without your partner?, ok or not considering the age and relationship duration?, it's not like we are married and I said clearly I would go with her at the moment she had vacation days.
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How do I stop thinking about my ex
I broke up with her in October. She was not a really great girlfriend but she was my first. She had some mental illness that I couldn't really handle, she would lash out at me or be in moods and basically just ran me down for a year. But I still think about her because I did love her, I just didn't like what she was doing to me. I did the whole no contact thing and I haven't talked to her since we broke up. What do
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A tranny took advantage of my crippling loneliness and seduced me.

"She" was a friend of a friend and started to hit on me hard. She is tall but "passes", it's that kind of tranny that looks like a 4/10 woman but you can notice it's a man if you look hard enough. "She" asked me if I was a virgin and I said yes. Then "she" got closer to me, stared at me and asked if I would like to learn. I laughed it off. She asked me if she could kiss me and I liked her lips so I said yes. >she smelled nice and we started hugging. I gradually became more open to it and we ended up fucking in >her house.

It was very nice. I never thought I was fucking a man (and how would I notice the difference?) and >she was very sweet. She treated me like I was the most amazing person in the universe and she made everything feel like a fun game. She asked me if I wanted to be with her and I said I wasn't sure. She asked if it was because she was a troon and I said yes. She said she was going to let me think about it.

From that moment we have been talking every day and I like her a lot, she behaves like a mommy girlfriend. I'm ashamed of it but it makes me feel happy.

Should I tell >her I want to be with her? What would you do in my situation?
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