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I just feel numb at this point

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For the months all I did was cry. I have no friends left, my gf left me. She was the only one that kept me together but I realized how wrong that has been now. I have no one left, the only person that listens to me is my therapist and even she thinks I'm in the wrong (not that I'm saying I'm not). Even now if I'm talking to my ex she usually responses two or three hours later even though she's online and probably talking to some boy

I just feel lost /adv/ and not the suicidal type of lost, lost as in idk if I'm ever gonna get out of this but just keep going. I know that now, all I have left is me and that I need to work on myself, to change and adapt and overcome this but it's soo hard when you have no one left to lean on

Idk even know why I'm making this thread, are there anon that are going through smth similar? I mean when you have no one else what do you do? How do start over something that was so hard to do in the first place? I know some of you have it way harder than me and in a way I guess I'm lucky that this is the hardest thing in my life so hard but being this lonely, having been left with no one but yourself in your greatest time of need is hard too. I will keep going most likely, not necessarily for myself but for my parents, those poor bastards really don't deserve another statistic but it's sooo hard being left like this, having all the people you could depend on leave you and not give a damn unless you make the first step and even then they leaving you, not because you did anything since then but just because they don't feel like being friends with you anymore

That's my tale so far, if any of you have some advice I would gladly listen, or if you just want to talk , tell me something that has been bothering you I would be glad to listen to it. I don't know you and desu I don't know if I'll care that much but everyone deserves to at least be listen. Plus having someone to talk even through posts would mean something to me
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Anxiety hacks

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Got any hacks for anxiety? Like is there something I can do that will just flip a switch and make me confident and self-loving?
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ITT: Ask the opposite sex anything:

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I fucked a ugly Mexican chick last night.

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I have no fucked a ugly girl in my life and I was very drunk and fucked some random girl in my apartment complex. I do not feel good about fucking ugly girls and I am very disappointed that I did it. Also, since she is my neighbor, I’m going to see her everyday. What do I do?
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>can't fall in love with someone who sexualizes me (early on)
>never been loved by anyone who doesn't

it's like men are only capable of fleeting sexual infatuation, every love story I witness either ends on one of the two cheating or the guy acting odiously because stuck in a no longer sexually stimulating relationship
what's the solution to this one? celibacy?
I'm 19/F and mostly meet my potential partners at school

>but girls are only worth their coochie, it's only natural that you get sexualized since that's all you're good for
I usually try my best to make conversations constructive for both me and my interlocutor and question whether I'm being too selfish/self-centered, have a bunch of interests that are more or less relevant
also I try to be as sober as possible, avoid arousing topics, dress modestly, etc. so I'm really not doing anything to provoke sexual infatuation

>if it was chad sexualizing you, you wouldn't complain
I've been asked out a few times by popular guys, especially one that was singularly tall/handsome/social/smart (the whole package, your classic chad), but started avoiding them as soon as I learned (because suspected their main motivation)
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Something I learnt the hard way

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I'mma tell you right now anon, don't date that depressed girl with high-functioning anxiety.

I'm sure she tries so hard to work through it and I'm sure she's still perfect in your eyes but it's not worth it. Sure, helping her through her rough patches might make you feel closer, sure she's beautiful and sure she's sweet and affectionate but again, it's not worth it.

Severe mental problems aren't just for now, they're for life. Things may seem ok now but life only gets harder. Some couples can work through it together but it'll always be easier to live with somebody normal and healthy - don't deny yourself that if you have the choice.
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Blackbros, how do you live with the fact that we will never be White?

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Why didn't God make me White?
I wish I was Whit every fucking day
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Looking for a painless way to kill myself. Doesn't HAVE to be painless but I would prefer it.
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Biden has ruined the local economy and libs are pouring in. My house is worth four times I bought it for but so is everything else. I can't sell and I am stuck here. Is there any way to find an advantage in this situation?
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Starting work at a German tavern/restaurant next week, how do I restrain myself from making Hitler/Nazi jokes and getting myself fired?