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Is it weird for video games to be the only thing you care about in life?
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Is she using me for attention?

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I have this friend that's super flirty around me. When we hang out with other people she always finds a way to make sure we end up alone. Tried to kiss her a couple of times, she always seemed charmed, but brushed it off every time. I'm not crushing on her or anything, so I played it cool and nothing changed between us. Still being flirty and spending time alone. I'm not really sure what to make of this. Does she just like the attention? I know she's not looking for a relationship right now and neither am I, but she might think I am. I'd like to turn this into a friends with benefits type of thing, which I know she is open to in theory.
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ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything

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The last one >>27451052
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Anon, it is not that hard to get laid.

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Take me as an example, I'm as average as a man can be, short (5'7"), 18, wear glasses and have no friends - My whole life I barely interacted with any woman, but this last month I decided to approach as many girls as possible and guess what? I'm taking a hot woman 8 years older than me to the theater tomorrow.
You will get rejected A LOT, anon, but you have to realise thats part of the journey and not a failure.
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How do you cope with the fact that most young women have been creampied by multiple dudes already and by the time they get to their mid twenties they are jaded and have uteruses haunted by the sperm of a double digit amount of men they didnt really care about?
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Is having no money a good enough reason to kill yourself?

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I literally have none left I’m completely broke and have none coming. No valuables except this device I’m on and I can’t get loans either. I don’t want to work either as it makes me wish I was dead I’ve tried it. Has my time on this earth finally run out?
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I need money, and lots of it. What can I study to make a shit ton of cash each month? What fields have stability etc
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Get It Off Your Chest - /GIOYC/

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>be me
>be on back of bus, nearly full but at least some rows still have a seat
>9/10 alt girl gets on
>make eye contact for an entire second
>look away because I’m not a creep
>she walks all the way to back and sits beside me
>I must’ve looked like the most normal least creepy guy
>don’t think much of it but she’s still in mind
>think of complimenting her makeup or outfit but choose not to to avoid being a creep
>get near stop to hop on metro
>tell her I’m getting down since I’m in window seat
>she looks back and smiles and stands up
>get off bus, she gets off too
>go faster to avoid making her uncomfortable or whatever
>we both get on train but different seats
>all throughout the ride look to see if she gets down until she does
>she’s still cute af
>think about her for the rest of the ride

I’m not gonna be retarded and ask “was she into me?” or “should I have made a move?” but why am I like this? It was a normal interaction with a cute girl who acts normally but it for some reason makes me feel lonely and depressed. Good friend group, have female friends, avg ish grades, good family, gym 5/7 days, but having no gf still eats me up inside and makes me feel horrible. This is more of a rant but wouldn’t mind some advice to get out of hole
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How do I ensure I never talk or rant to myself again?