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Trying Not To Fap (Porn Addiction)

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22 yo dude

TL;DR I work an office job and I get random erections every now and then when I'm sitting still doing boring/non-engaging shit or when just bored. Trying to not fap or watch pron for a whole month starting June 1. Any tips?


Will post updates now and then (im new to 4chan posting so bear with my 4chan etiquette)

>Rest is me venting about my shitty life so ignore if you want:

I've been touching grass recently, since the end of March.

I'm around 5 ft 4 in (~162.56 cm). weight between 75-80 kg (~165-175 lbs).

Been doing some exercising lately (more on that below) and have made the decision to stop being degenerate (masturbation and porn) for a whole month starting June 1 (today), and maybe even forever.

Figured if I'm gonna try the self improvement meme format IRL I might as well go full(er)-measure.

Before today I usually fap multiple times a day since I was in middle school and have an archive of porn and shit I saved since high school.

I've been mostly shut-in for a good chunk of my life. Most of my friend interaction is online (especially nowadays since I moved). Living in a new town for a while and haven't made any IRL friends.

Still live with parents

I dont think Im attractive (short, not fit, nonsymmetrical face [eye size mismatch slightly], acne [noticeable, but not as bad as like Michael Reeves])

No gf and very lovesick
Had some relationship experience in the past, although pretty shitty

Ironically, I don't think I'm in a great position right now to be looking for a relationship anyway, nor do I deserve it. So that's why I'm doing this challenge.

Been walking/running around my neighborhood. Started with walking for a few weeks and then started running and walking during recent sessions. (goal is 1 mile run no stopping, gym soon)

Not really going for weight loss yet, just bringing up my cardio. Haven't been watching what I eat (I don't go out eating mcdonalds everyday though) but I probably should start improving my diet.
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I've become my parents.

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This is why all my relationships fail. It's just a natural reaction. Well, better to not drag anyone down with me. I will die alone, lonely but noblely.
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I feel like I can only get girls attention by being intense and thirsty. I can't make normal person friend groups. The women I talk to are generally interested/flattered at first but get scared when I try to ramp up the energy. Sometimes I feel like I'm broken; :ADHD, BPD, autistic, biopolar, schizoid or something
I tend to get an occasional "chaser" who isn't really attractive enough for me or is dating someone else and trying to put me in her back pocket. I can never get the girls I want never ever, the always go for someone who has stable interests and values. What the fuck do I do? I'm poor and I despise my upbringing. I'm genuinely strong and handsome but I'm undatable. I can have infinite awkward conversations at bars/work with attractive women who seems intrigued and confused by me. I feel like they want me but they think I don't want them. I do. I just can't put on the "boyfriend suit"
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I like the concept of holding hands with a girl, taking her to nice places, feeling her weight in the bed, cuddling, watching movies or tv together, making out with her, talking to her, going out together to shows movies and more, cooking for her, and many other things.
The fun stops the moment I remember I have to probably meet her parents, start to one up myself and "take the relationship seriously," meet her friends, open up about interests she could never understand, and remember how taxing a relationship is.
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what job

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After taking time off work to sort out mental issues (relating to my inability to take constructive criticism several months ago) I want to get back to work. I mainly have goals of being a welder, but I want to work at a retail job while I practice with scrap steel/aluminum before I actually get a real welding job. I *do* have a certificate of completion for beginner's welding classes, but I am not sure if that alone will get me through the door. Should I work retail and do welding school on the side or should I just say fuck it and try applying to local welding companies?
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Boyfriend won't let go of me cheating

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Me and my boyfriend are both 18. We have been dating since we were 15 and were close since our early childhood. We started university this year and I got too drunk at a party and cheated with a guy eight years older than me.
Now my boyfriend won't let it go even though it was just one stupid mistake that I won't make ever again. How do I convince him that I won't cheat again?
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How do I do a DIY abortion
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Is it better to live a lie where everyone is happy, or to tell the truth and risk making everyone unhappy? I've been doing the former, but it's really hard on my morale now.

9 years ago, on the internet, while presenting as a girl, I met a guy who ended up becoming my best friend. He still doesn't know the truth. I never expected that things would last this long, I was just messing around for fun. I love him and I know that he loves me too. I'm just really tired of how fucked up the situation is, and of feeling like I'm not being loved for who I truly am. At least I do not alter my personality, so I know that he does love my personality for who I am, but I also know that he strongly prefers females, and that if I hadn't presented as one he most likely would have never contacted me in the first place.

I get increasingly stronger urges to tell him the truth, but obviously I'm afraid of the consequences. He is pretty much the only source of happiness in my life. I don't think I could handle losing him. I think that he loves me enough that he would still remain my friend, but obviously things would never be the same again. I doubt he will keep talking to me as enthusiastically as before, and all the little sexual games that we have will instantly disappear. I'm at lost for what to do and I hope someone can provide guidance. I can answer any question.
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Does anyone have any recommendations to help with skin lightening? I have a skincare routine that helps me not get darker, but I really want to go as light as I can.
Picrel isn't me, but her skin tone is pretty similar to mine currently.
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I am using vtubers as a substitute for a gf
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