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Sex dolls

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I'm a femanon, and I'm sick of discovering every single guy I've had a crush on is actually taken. Yes, there have been cases where I've caught feelings for but even the guys I assumed to be single turned out to be taken. I can't help but feel like all the good guys are already taken. Should I just get a sex doll? I never have to worry about a sex doll being taken.
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How do I stop being racist?
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What's the max number of sexual partners a woman can have before you refuse to consider her?

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Is the meaning of life suffering?

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To live is to suffer, suffering is the true meaning of life. There is no happiness, you're either suffering or in a temporary state of lack of suffering, and that actually isn't all bad, suffering forces us to grow into a better being; Suffering is the only thing that can lead to fulfillment. Without suffering, life cannot exist, evolution wouldn't exist if our ancestors didn't suffer and thus causing us to change into a more complex being.

Lack of suffering causes life to slowly degrade into degeneracy and extinction. Is suffering the necessary evil required to keep life going?
I have been thinking about this for the past couple of days, it seems to make sense the more I think about it.

Pic unrelated
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Why are lefties so prevalent on social media and reddit? it seems very easy to develop the "conservative evil, liberal good" view when getting caught in this echo chamber. i dont think ive seen anyone express conservative views on the internet until i visited this website.
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Made a Tinder profile yesterday. Just got my first match. Now what? What the fuck am I supposed to talk about with women?

I'm a 23 KHHV btw
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Friendly reminder that you are beautiful no matter what anyone says anon <3
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Are women bad at STEM

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>be femanon
>parents wanted a boy but had children too late (their mid 30s), so they only have one girl (me)
>math was my best subject in highschool
>they force me to study STEM in uni even though I am uncertain
>be terrible at it
>lose highschool friends for reasons out of my control, don't make many new friends
>I get bad grades for the first time in my life
>parents get angry
>I tell them that women are unfit to be scientists due to estrogen and the menstrual cycle making us illogical
>dad gets super angry every time I suggest it.

Dad doesn't deny it. Actually he doesn't like women very much, but he thinks I can be some kind of exception to the majority

He seems to ignore that I have no typical trait of STEM majors. I am instead:
>not autistic
>everyone else tells me I would be a good humanities major

Despite all this, I may be the only woman in my class who is incompetent. The foreign Asian women seem perfectly fine at electronics and circuitry and calculus, I'm not. Are women really all inferior? Are my classmates just geniuses? Or am I making excuses?

I wish I hadn't come to university, at least not for science. I was good at drawing and singing, I could have done more there and probably not become a depressed shameful trainwreck like I am now

FYI, I want to finish my degree but don't plan on working in the industry as it would make me very self conscious
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