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Money management

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I live in slovakia and it can get expensive as fuck. I need to optimize the spending of my money. Help me so I don't go broke(very close).
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Bans will not keep me

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You do not need human contact
Emotions besides anger are fucking gay.
Immediately cut off contact with everyone you had a relationship with. It may be hard, but just put all doubts to the back of your mind
Stop caring so much about things. Whatever it is, it is NOT that important.
Just become a slippery snake and cheat, lie, kill and use people till you are at the top. Seek power like the worthless clump of matter you are.
Active for 15/10/25.
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Need a Quote

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need a quote for my senior year book. It has to be a quote from someone else and can not be longer than 25 words

I was thinking about putting "In case I don't see ya: Good afternoon, good evening, and good night!" or "Veni, Vedi, Vici".

What do we think?
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>three years after i graduated and i still can't find a job.
>ask here what to do
>everyone mocks and ridicules me while flaunting their easy and lucrative jobs
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>be me
>late 2020
>girl falls in love with me and leaves her fiance for me
>always felt proud about this, like a Gigachad
>always thought I would marry this girl, our bond is so special and so deep
>two days ago, after we have sex, she tells me while we're cuddling that she's fallen for someone else
>she still loves me though
>she wants me to be patient while she decides who she wants to be with
Should I wait?
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should i stop texting her?

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Me and co worker start texting for about 2 weeks. After she show signs I make a move and invite her out but she says shes busy. I gave her 2 more to see if she asked me out on another day but nothing happened so I ghosted her for 4 weeks. I tried again and told her sorry for ghosting her and that I hope we are still friends which she said yes. Now she barely answers and if she does she texts really dry. Should I just ghost her again for good this time or maybe she just wants me to try harder?
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As the least feminine and least appealing of all sixteen types, how does an INFJ girl find love?
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Finding life pointless

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Not sure what to do in my free time. I go to the gym, I did read a lot but it feels more like a chore now as I ask myself what the point of reading is.

I semi-regularly go out in nature, I try to enjoy it but again I think "what's the point?" and I don't enjoy it as much as I used to.

I think as I've started judging everything by thinking "what's the point?" again & again I've lost my ability to enjoy things that don't give me immediate pleasure, hence I procrastinate heavily when not at the gym (the one thing I do mostly stick to).

Reading Ted K was probably one of the catalysts that got me to where I am now and I'm wondering how to not think like this.
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It's been 3 days since I last defecated.

I usually defecate every 3-5 days, and in the time between I feel somewhat uncomfortable sometimes, but I just can't force it

Is this normal? It started happening around 2 years ago.