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>be me, anon
>from third world shithole
>dad got diagnosed arthritis and may not even be able to walk in a couple of years, only breadwinner
>mom got renal and heart problems
>only child and halfway through college
>humanities degree
>no life skills (can't cook or clean for myself)
I'm sad, and scared. What can I do? How can I help my parents? Is there a way I can prepare myself for the future?
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My libido is dead

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And all for being poor
>lost jon during covid
>high unemployment
>houses too expensive
Problem is I live with my mother and brother too. So space is too small. But oh god. Oh my fucking god. The house being small was bad enough but my brother CAN'T STOP BURPING. ALL. DAY. I feel sick.
Every fucking 5 minutes I always hear a huge disgusting burping. I just cant. I swear if I were a girl I would have sold my virginity. I just see how money is freedom. Space ks happiness.
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Visit biz I’m begging you. Biz is like pol but actually useful. It seemed like a scam board at first but after browsing for several days something suddenly clicked in my head and I wanted to savagely kill myself for not visiting earlier. I truly hate pol for wasting my time, in 2016 had I navigated my mouse slightly to the right and clicked on biz I truly believe I would be at least 7 figures by now instead of wasting 5 years doing worthless shit.

Please guys I’m begging you visit biz and browse it HEAVILY for at least a week to a month. If you’re stupid you’ll be confused and wander back to the rest of 4chan with their garbage boards but if you’re smart you’ll get “it” and realise that biz is the only useful board on this entire shit website

well that’s it from me. i will periodically remind everyone to visit biz as it’s the only useful board on this otherwise shit website. most of you won’t even see it, most will visit briefly, be confused and wander back to this shithole, but some anons might visit it and get “it”.
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im almost 28 years old;how fanatically,frantically should I start researching and investime time/money/effort on Longevity, anti-aging,youthing?
Is it really worth it living to 110 years old?is "the future" of earth and humanity worth it?
I know when HSTF;famine,riots,civil unrest..possibly nuclear holocaust and mass pole-shift/sea-level rise,etc..everything will be useless.but I still prepp,and train..i really want to live to 110
>so;HOW fanatically do I do this?
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I was texting a girl and in the middle of talking to her I just stopped replying. I haven't spoken to another person through text extensively for years so I dropped spaghetti and now I want to know if it's beyond recovery. I stopped replying at like 3 pm.
Am I fucked? Is there any way to recover? Why did I self-sabotage like this?
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How do I get a (legal) teenage girlfriend at 29 years old? I'd really like an 18 year old high school senior emo girlfriend but im not that good looking.
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living with delusions

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I'm 18, I suffer from intense delusions about women whenever I'm near them or look at them.
Delusions include but are not limited to women being the subject of a worldwide conspiracy and that they are not sentient. This in turn leads me to ignoring women, avoiding them, and not being able to show emotion near them.
I know these delusions aren't true, and I have to keep believing that they are not true for my own health and safety. My life gets severely impacted from these delusions, and I have no friends or close family members.
I am a diagnosed aspie, my psychologist is still examining me for any other possible diagnosis. I am not on any meds.
I don't hate women, and I'm not attracted to them. I am mentally ill, and I would appreciate not bringing anything incel related into the thread.

How should I go about handling the delusions? Some way of convincing myself that they're not real, and to stop obsessive thoughts.
Are there any places/hobbies where women can't found?
I give myself 1 hour of screentime everyday, and I only use the internet for productive purposes to avoid encountering them digitally.

Thank you in advance, /adv/
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I'm studying a career I don't like but that will give me a job so I can save up and apply for animation school. Besides studying, working and saving money, what else should I consider?
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I'm a sex addict. I cheat on my SO on a weekly basis with men and women, sometimes both.
I feel no guilt for my depravities, yet get angry and possessive when they so much as text another person I don't know about. I've been doing this for a decade behind everyone's back.

I don't want to be like this, I only feel shame after.
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My parents were in an accident and I ended up as the guardian of my little brother. Recently I got home from work and found he'd been trying on my clothes. He told me, more or less, that he wished he had been a girl. I'm not really sure what to make of this or do about it. I'm already having trouble taking care of him by myself in the first place, and this on top of all that is too much. I haven't even had time to deal with what happened to our parents because I'm working tons of extra shifts. What do I do here? Will they take him away if I don't let him do this to himself? Will they take him if I do let him do it? I just want it to stop
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