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I'm not gay buy I like to imagine that I'm my gf and I'm trapped in my own (my bf's) body, but I have still retained my sexual orientation and stuff and so I masturbate to buffed up athletic guys. Am I a degenerate?
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My Tinder main is this

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And I still get 0 matches lmao why
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Social group/girl problems

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Does anyone else feel like they suck socially? At my job im kind of either ignored, disliked or treated as a joke. Im not that bad of an worker honestly, I just do whats asked of me and I don't any extra shit im not paid to do and I treat it serious enough to where I come in every day. I don't act like how I do online irl. My biggest issue is that I just don't know how to have a personality. After a mental episode 3 years ago, I kinda just "lost" my personality and I just awkwardly autopilot. I just feel like a concept, idea or a role an actor plays. With girls I am convinced im the type of ugly where id get in trouble if I tried to flirt with a girl. It kinda boils down to me not feeling comfortable in my skin, you know?
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>in a sexually unsatisfying relationship
>have secret fetish for certain types of heavier women
>meet an incredibly sexy bbw through work, she's conventionally a solid 3 or 4, but easily a 10 as far as my sexual tastes
>add her on social media after having a few sexually charged conversations about gardening
>she slides into my dm's

The bbw knows I have a gf.

I know I'm a piece of shit. I guess I just want advice on how to approach the situation, and I'd love to hear from anyone who's been in a similar situation.

To be clear: I fully intend to rail this bbw in the ass.
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My ex dumped me a few weeks ago. He said we could still talk but hasn't attempted to initiate contact since. He did respond to me when I texted him, though (to see how he was doing). I don't want to bother him and normally if someone breaks up with me I wouldn't bother contacting him again, but he's the one who said we can talk. So does he want to be left alone or is he actually ok with me contacting him?
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How do I make the value go into the negatives?
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What is flirting?

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>go out in real life
>People treat you normally
>Go on 4chan
>People spaz out once they find out you're non-white
Now I just assume people in real life are all racists in disguise who go online to write racist shit when they get home. I can't look at people the same anymore. Is the way people act on an anyonymous imageboard the way that normal people feel underneath their IRL demeanour?
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Why do my legs bend forwards?

You seeing this shit? My leg bends at a sharp angle. What the fuck. This isn’t normal. I can’t even google it. It only comes up with bow legs.

But my shin is straight up bent like a pipe. You seeing this? What the fuck is this? Did my legs break without me realizing and it healed wrong?
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