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Is it wrong to date someone who is your idea of "second best"? Would you be obligated to tell him?

There is someone I'm in love with. I think he has perfect looks and the perfect personality. But it is obvious I will never get to date him and I'm not holding out hope.

I'm lonely and want to get a boyfriend and settle down, but I feel like I only want to date someone who looks like and acts like him. Who is like a fascimile of him.

I feel that it is wrong to date someone because they're like a store brand edition of someone else. But it is also wrong to date someone you are not interested in. So maybe I should be single, but that's lonely and sad.

Best course of action?
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What are some good ways to meet potential partners without a) online dating b) going to bars/clubs or c) through work?
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I'm 19 years old and I just filmed myself jerking off for some anonymous stranger on discord

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Yes you read that correctly. My wank habits have been getting worse since I was 16 (despite the fact that I do it less). I've reached an all new low point, thank fucking god I didn't show my face.

I'm supposed to be going out with uni friends in 2 hours. How on earth do I mentally cope with this
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For anons that dgaf. How do you do it? I want stop giving a fuck, but then I just become a moody edge man. How to retain a good personality while still not being anxious around people.
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If you were about to restart your life all over again and had to choose some 3 year degree halfway in your 20s, what would you do?
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What do people mean when they tell to learn skills and increase one's income?
Do they mean going to uni? Do they mean arcane money-summoning skills?
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I will get the second dose of picrel tomorrow.
Anything I should know beforehand?
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is it bad that when i talk to myself i scream nigger faggot in my head continuously and find it amusing? should i leave this fucking site?
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I have 150k from an inheritance and I am a NEET. I am conflicted between throwing them all into stocks and losing welfare, getting some job with no skill for 30-50k a year getting a mortgage and being tied down to this one job, or letting it sit in cash and watching 5% inflation eat away at it. I've been thinking about going into school for IT but real estate in my country is appreciating at 15-30% a year and I am worried I will be priced out and far far behind if I go to college for 4 years.