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I'm really doomed to just be the beta provider girls settle for in their thirties when they have no looks right? I can't get a girls attention IRL despite my flirt efforts, I cant get a match on a dating app, and I can't find a girl who is single or near my age bracket (20-25) it's fucking ooooovvveeeerrr. Women my age only want Chad. Oh well at least I have no one nagging and bitching at me and causing drama.
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There was some moldy cheese in my fridge, is everything in there now contaminated? Is it safe to eat anything?
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Want to drop out of college

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not sure how succinct to be with this but here goes.
>started college in fall 2018 for engineering
>after a series of changes in major, gave up on STEM and went into digital media/animation since i've always had a passion for art anyway
>COVID, etc. fucked up my already bad mental health and destroyed my work ethic
>due to this i've been accumulating a ton of overdue assignments
>for the last year or two i've had a constant sense of being behind/needing to catch up
>it's exhausting and frustrating and i am sick of it
>i have not even bothered looking at my (all online) courses this semester because i got behind early on and just gave up
>never liked thinking about the long term because my outlook was that if things ever got to be too much, i could always kill myself
>but then things got to be too much, and i found that i didn't truly want to kill myself, so now i am stuck with this mess
>i want to just drop out so i can finally try to focus on actually working on my craft and looking for work instead of stressing about school any longer.
on the other hand,
>if i can manage to miraculously get all of my shit done in time, i will actually earn the degree
>have something like $20k in private student loans that i fear will be "for nothing" if i don't end up with a degree to show for it
>asian parents (who have no idea how badly i am doing with school right now and could not even fathom the idea of me dropping out)
I'm just sick of school and being behind constantly; of school getting in the way of life and happiness and developing work skills/looking for work, etc.
I don't even know if I need a degree for what I want to do, which is something related to art, maybe video game art or something. I don't really feel like having a degree is going to make any difference in the fact that I don't have any work lined up for after I finish school, but maybe I'm wrong. Everything feels like so much and I don't know what to do.
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How to understand women and stop hating them

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How do i "undertand" women better? I have come to realize i fucking hate women so im triying to be empathic and understand them but the more i understand women the more i fucking hate them.

>Women only care about looks and not your personality, think of you less than a subhuman if you arent Chad
>Women instantly assume you want to fuck them only if you try to be their friend
>Women will talk shit behind your back
>Women know no loyalty or honor
>Women CONSTANTLY lie, it's like a need, like peeing or eating
>Women doesn't know about history or philosophy

And the list goes on... in any case im not an "incel" or a virgin. But i just happen to be son of a single mom and have a sister and 2 aunts. I think my hatred for women steem from the fact that i know them very well and i don't like their nature. I cannot see them as mu equals, they are less intelligent and weaker form of men. Like a chinese copy of men. Something inferior.that isn't a child but neither an adult.
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How to cure low self-esteem/ low self-worth/ low confidence?

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(As a male)
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Masturbation unironically helps me with ADHD

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I feel motivated to do work and chores after ADHD, aside from clearing my mind from depression and brain fog. r/nofap is a jewish conspiracy that went hand in hand with the jewish brainwashing industry and that scam field known as psychatry. Just masturbat once a week bros; just don't do porn. That aside is this a viable long term treatment?
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How do I stay healthy and keep myself from dying?
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How do college kids view a 26 year old in undergrad?

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Very insecure about this. How do they view me?
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>be me, anon
>from third world shithole
>dad got diagnosed arthritis and may not even be able to walk in a couple of years, only breadwinner
>mom got renal and heart problems
>only child and halfway through college
>humanities degree
>no life skills (can't cook or clean for myself)
I'm sad, and scared. What can I do? How can I help my parents? Is there a way I can prepare myself for the future?
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My libido is dead

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And all for being poor
>lost jon during covid
>high unemployment
>houses too expensive
Problem is I live with my mother and brother too. So space is too small. But oh god. Oh my fucking god. The house being small was bad enough but my brother CAN'T STOP BURPING. ALL. DAY. I feel sick.
Every fucking 5 minutes I always hear a huge disgusting burping. I just cant. I swear if I were a girl I would have sold my virginity. I just see how money is freedom. Space ks happiness.
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