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Do you remember the day that caused the biggest problems in your life?

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Do you remember the day that caused the biggest problems in your life? What happened that day? And were you able to solve this problem?
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How do i stop the bad negative thoughts?
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>have a good job and money
>Good health and not ugly
>Could have a good life
>Be autistic

What's the point on keep living if I will never be normal? If I date a girl and she will end up leaving me after a couple weeks and I will never have friends?
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I am afraid God will punish me

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tl;dr I have reached self hatred and paranoia through randomly self induced moral decay and believe God's wrath is coming any moment because of repeating numbers, symbolic events etc.
>Be me about a half a year ago, researching MK-Ultra, Aliester Crowley, CIA
>Sleep in the middle of day
>Have dream where hand comes out of wall and hands me a letter with numbers on it
>Try to retrieve the number, get 300901, might be wrong but better than nothing
>Interpret by matching letters to numbers "CIA"
>A few days later try to communicate with it, believe it revealed itself as a darker aspect in one of my stories in a character, try out a made up diagram, put it against the wall and try talking to it, nothing happens though
>Few months later want to stop someone from getting the vax, decide Christian god won't be strong enough so I pray to the "true" god (at this point I don't think it's the being from the wall)
>A few days later I find a box at a fair with a black sun (a symbol I associate not with the nazis but a divine creator entity) like symbol on it I interpret as being associated with the true god (i see the sun as the core god and the rays as it emanations), on top of it the box says excalibur, associated with black sun, though the person who made the box obviously did not realize this
>Pray to the god more, but stop a few weeks later, something feels off but not enough
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Is it wrong to date someone who is your idea of "second best"? Would you be obligated to tell him?

There is someone I'm in love with. I think he has perfect looks and the perfect personality. But it is obvious I will never get to date him and I'm not holding out hope.

I'm lonely and want to get a boyfriend and settle down, but I feel like I only want to date someone who looks like and acts like him. Who is like a fascimile of him.

I feel that it is wrong to date someone because they're like a store brand edition of someone else. But it is also wrong to date someone you are not interested in. So maybe I should be single, but that's lonely and sad.

Best course of action?
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What are some good ways to meet potential partners without a) online dating b) going to bars/clubs or c) through work?
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I'm 19 years old and I just filmed myself jerking off for some anonymous stranger on discord

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Yes you read that correctly. My wank habits have been getting worse since I was 16 (despite the fact that I do it less). I've reached an all new low point, thank fucking god I didn't show my face.

I'm supposed to be going out with uni friends in 2 hours. How on earth do I mentally cope with this
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If you were about to restart your life all over again and had to choose some 3 year degree halfway in your 20s, what would you do?
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What do people mean when they tell to learn skills and increase one's income?
Do they mean going to uni? Do they mean arcane money-summoning skills?