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ITT: Ask the opposite gender anything

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ATOGA adventure edition.

The last one >>27448813
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How do I get rid of something that's been living inside my head rent free?
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How do I get the energy to live

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this is no absolutely no joke. I see no reason to care about anything anymore. I come from a stable well-off home and have lost all illusions regarding friendship, women, life and my future. I have spent my whole concious life self-improving, lifting, reading, studying, training and learning skills and there is nothing at the end of the road. I cannot engage in hedonism because I do not derive any particular pleasure from anything. I have a facial expression and body language that seems to be seriously off-putting. People look at me weird and women laugh nervously, and I laugh back. I walk into traffic and don't care to keep myself out of danger. All my life I have had suicidal thoughts but right now I feel more powerless over my life than ever. I don't even have the energy to talk anymore. I just need to choose whether I want to live or commit suicide.
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My mothering is in a romantic relationship with someone my own age

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She is 48 and the person involved with her is 23. I have spoken to this person briefly and will be seeing him again shortly.

I honestly find this sickening and I am not sure how to handle this. I understand both are consenting adults but it feels entirely wrong. It is also strange that this person is known in my friend group. It feels strange how young he is.

What's more, he seems to have a few screws loose. On his Reddit profile, which is linked on his public Facebook page, he admits to being a narcissist, primarily posts on a subreddit about magic, with a few of those posts being about the occult, and the rest involving a range of other things.

My mother has a bad taste in men. My own father was a violent religious fanatic and tried to abduct me as a child. My mother also had a partner which was verbally abusive and faked his own suicide and blamed it on my mother.

Maybe I am poisoning the well with these examples. If you think thats the case, answer with advice in whatever way you want. take away the context and just look at things from the age gap POV, or take into account the context if you want.

All my instincts are telling me that this situation is wrong, and that irrespective of age that something is off about this guy. Any advice for how to process all this?
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How to stop this?

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Ever since she left (after a big argument I stared because she couldn't prove she that didn't lie to me after I got suspicious of her and lack of proof) it feels like my life was left on pause. I used to be so oit going and loved to take hikes and go places. I had motivation and dreams. She was my inspiration to follow my dreams /hobby. Now that she's gone and never talk /see her I've become a recluse that avoids people. Go to work. Come home drink until I fall a sleep alone in my room rinse and repeat. This has been my life for 3 years. People think I'm "fine". When really I am not.I put on happy face around family and Co workers.
I have become obsessed with finding out the truth. I have been searching for years it's all I do everyday stalk her online and all her friends it gets deeper but I won't get into that. It's like I HAVE to know why she can't prove she didn't lie to me even if it kills me. It's become more then obsession it's become my life. It's unhealthy I know it's mentally fucking me up but my brain won't let me stop until I know the truth
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If you were to kill yourself, but make it look like an accident, how would you do it?
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Best Man speech

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How much of the speech should be about myself & the groom as opposed to the relationship of the bride & groom?

If I tell a minute long story about me & the groom, then go into ~45 seconds for each the bride and groom is that wonky?
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I've asked my girlfriend to come with me and both take an STD test and she got upset asking why I don't trust her and left the room. We've been using condoms until now but I feel we've settled down so it's time to ditch them. I don't think she'd want to give me STDs deliberately but maybe she's insecure about it because she's hiding the amount of people she's slept with (claims only 3 boyfriends before me). So what do I make of this?
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>Love a girl
>Go out with her
>Leaves me because I wasn't showing I wanted to keep her, I didn't understood at that time that letting her go so easily after that would be my greatest mistake later
>Go out with other girls, but it's not the same, I still don't feel a real connection as I had before with her

This as been four years already, and I can't stop thinking of her, while she loves another man. I've lost the love of my life because of my mistake, and I hate myself more than anyone else because of that.
How to cope? I'm desperate