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How do I cope with the fact that I will never, EVER get a girlfriend?
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Moving out possible as freelance digital artist?

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I don't have a formal job, been making a bit of money to buy nice things every now and then from commissions, but rn I'm currently able to make a lot of money because of a game project im working on, it won't last forever but I'm working on getting back to the commission market again, and I'm way way better then what I did back when i was taking commissions, the guy paying me also has a plan to start a Kickstarter, pay me even more, and then we might work on a comic book after, regardless I'll be trying to make a name for myself, learn 2d and 3d animations and such to be able to pick up more work.
cost of living alone here is at least 800 per month and I'm able to get 1300 in 8 days worth of work, i really wanna move out but it's such a risky thing to do, I'm saving up money for furniture i might need too.
Am I crazy or is it actually doable?
I might throw in some coom art in an alt account for extra money too.
Also I'd be moving to another city and the nature of my job requires me to stay at home for hours, i fear I'll be extremely lonely and my depression will come back in full force
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Advice on using Employment Agencies

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Long story story I got a meme web design BA degree and have had to spend a lot of time post graduation working on mental health and self teaching. Been trying to put a web portfolio together, but hate not knowing what employers around look for, specifically in frameworks and languages. My brother told me about employment agency's and I started to look into them. Biggest thing I know is you go to one that you dont pay, since they are paid by companies to head hunt for them. It would be nice to talk to people who actrually know what employers want and are looking for.

My question is, how much of a portfolio should I go in with first? I was hoping to have at least a self hosted static web page with some interactivity on it. Is that really necessary? Do they mind if you come in pretty green?

>inb4 just use you're uni to help you
My university was trash I dont want to associate with them.
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My older brother is a drug addict piece of shit and a sociopath. He always talks in a yell and with an underlying hate that no one seems to pick up or care about. He's bullied me since I was a kid (hes 24 years older) (yes hes nearly 50 and still lives with mom while stealing shit from the house for drugs on a regular basis) and he thinks it's his right to pick on me because hes the oldest, like hes my dad's sucessor lol. My mom has always argued when i complained about him (maybe not always but moreso recently, when she became more biased towards him and against my dad when he was still alive) and said hes not doing nothing wrong. Actually my middle siblings agree with that. They never see anything wrong happening to me and when I complain or try to change my situation they say I need to be medicated because I should put up with their bullshit and be an insane sociopath like them, to say it plainly. I got a dead end job and I'm bullied in there, my boss thinks hes giving me a hard time but it's a thousand times better than rotting at home as a neet while hearing my brother yell and not being able to study or do anything, and also have no discipline to keep a routine as a neet. So for that reason I dont quit my job and stay in this purgatory wasting my life.
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Why am I supposed to love myself? Everybody else hated me so why shouldn’t I? If I did want to love myself, against all logic, how would I do such a thing?
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I am too weather dependent

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I have a huge weather dependency, if there is no sun in the sky I can not function noramlly, fall into depression and almost cannot move, just sit in a chair with head hanging from my shoulders. Become super unproductive, cannot even play games, really just sleep or fart all day until evening when it is supposed to be dark. Winter is a fucking killer for me, a barely survived last winter and I have no idea what to do with this one, I cannot just sleep though it cause I now have job. sadface
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How to deal with mean people

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>be me
>Fucked up arms and knees
>Struggling to do my grocery store job
>Snapping and clicking constantly
>Met with nothing but disdain from NPC customers
>Forced to realize their government failed them and Biden is a joke
>People deliberately get in my way, whisper "freak"and "sad"
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Getting fawkin zooted

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One day a year, on my birthday (tomorrow), I eat whatever the fuck I want and get fuckin' wasted.

I like getting drunk alone in my room and just watching funny shit online. What's some stuff I should watch? What's some shitty junk food I can eat? Right now I'm gonna do KFC and donuts.

Also, what alcohol should I drink? I have no access to drugs so don't recommend.
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How to manipulate woman into liking me.

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I want to know of any websites or articles that give actual advice from men who know how to trick woman into liking them. All these advice blogs written by woman and white knights are bull shit.
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To black male anons who look like this, if you were offered $500 to have your anus fucked by a trap for 30 minutes and then she cums into your mouth, would you do it?