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I have been feeling uninspired and far less motivated as i used to be before covid.
I never caught covid (tested for anti-bods), didn't get the vax either. I eat quite well, however am mindful of fiber etc due to long-time bowel annoyances).
I'm in reasonably good shape for a 28m, don't smoke and onlty occasionally have some drinks.
I have travelled and lived in 4 different countries, i have been wondering if i should 'cleanse' my body in case i have picked up some parasites or some shit on my travels.
I don't get sick often, perhaps a sniffle once or twice a year come winter, the last time i caught some sort of bug i was shitting for 2 days and then slept for 14 hours straight...and then the next day i woke up feeling amazing, like insanely good. then the next day was sort of back to normal. Like i remember vividly how incredible my body and mind felt.
Anyone got any tips on feeling better or treating them-selves with things like de-wormers etc to clean out and feel better?
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How do I get a hot guy (looks like picrel) to fall in love with me?
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Day 39 of wishing you all a good day

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Apologies friends, I was away for vacation. I am back to making prayers for all of you, love you all.
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Where do I find intelligent, attractive, virgin white women?
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Those fuckin' wasps

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Since week now im havin' a hard time dealing with all those wasps
(there are to many of them)

Someone know a most painfull way to kill 'em?
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How do i make my cum thicker? I wanna give my gf a good facial (were both in to that) but my cum is really 'wet'. Almost like water sometimes. Is there a way to make my cum thicker?
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Stop complaining woe is me

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You know how long broken men have accomplished things? You think oh maybe if I said this differently or done this at a certain time. STOP THINKING AND JUST FUCKING DO IT. Get off this board and maybe even the internet for a few days and do what you know you should do. What should you do? You've known that for a long time but fear has controlled your every move. Step into the abyss and see that fear has no control but only if you let it. I keep seeing post after post about how do I do this or that? LOOK INSIDE YOURSELF, ONLY YOU KNOW. I don't know what you're doing right now or in 5, 10, 20 minutes from now. Work. Work on yourself. Build a stronger mind so your body will follow. Plan out your day if you never plan for anything. Talk to people who have ears and maybe they will listen. They send broken men off to fight broken wars for broken countries. Nothing is perfect and we're all broken in 1 way or another. The answers are there if you're willing to ask the right questions. Better men have died for less and will continue to do so. What have you got to lose my friend? What are you risking today for a better tomorrow? Answer that and you've answered everything.
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I know this sounds fake but I wanna meet a guy that is artsy and edgy and stuff. I'm not really much of an edgelord but I find edgy dudes so cool. I'm a teenage girl who never really had a serious boyfriend, I'd say I'm decent looking but not what you expect when you hear "teenage Hispanic girl" I just really want some guy who can get on my level but also not judge me for liking cute stuff as well. I'm not a big 4chan user but I really do want some advice on how to attract guys like that. Do I need to branch out and stop being so shy around guys or do I need to just wait until some guy approaches me? I don't need someone who exactly fits all my standards but I would like someone who I could hug like a teddy bear, draw with (even if he's not a good artist) and laugh with. Should I just go back to fawning over 2D men or should I stop being such a loser and try asking some guys out? Much love to anyone who gives any advice, I would appreciate it! (。・//ε//・。)
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How to forget an ex-girlfriend?

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I had an online relationship for a year with someone, but we broke up, either because of me or because of her. At first we were friends, but I got super attached to her, spent too much time with her, worried about her, and she treated me like a friend. But it turned out that through some unpleasant situations and time we managed to become a couple. At first everything was great and cool, we made plans, but again everything went wrong. So we broke up and two years later I drunkenly decided to write to her. It was my mistake. We started communicating again like before but did not bring up the past relationship, but after a while something happened again and I suggested to her that I would come to her in a week. And she was like, she needs to get ready or something.

I started having emotional swings, I felt bad that she kept thinking we were friends again. At least this time we also had some sexual texting with pictures.

I was sick of it I decided to share my failures with my friends. They told me, "Fuck it, dude, she's basically your ex, and you can't do business with exes. Maybe she used to have trust in you, but now she just doesn't.

I was very uncomfortable admitting the truth, so I banned her.

Anyway, now for the last week I have no motivation to do anything but sit around jerking off and eating junk food. When I think of her, I start blaming myself or something.

Now I feel really bad that I wasted my time on someone I never even fucking met. But I also feel lonely that when I talk to other people now I can't feel at all what I felt when I talked to her.

How do I stop blaming myself for everything, stop living in the past, and start doing something?
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Advice 4 Autists by Autists

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I'm 28 years old, has Asperges Syndrome, and have gone totally hermit outside of the daily grind. Before I totally isolate myself from the outside world, what is some important advice you'd give, as a Wizard-tier autist, to other adult autists? Autist opinions only, normies gtfo.
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