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Alternative housing solutions

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Hello, I have had the same job for two years and I’d like to move out of my parents’.
I’m 26, make about 1900 EUR after taxes monthly. The issue is I can’t find any appartement within my budget. The cheapest places where I live are about 750 EUR and my application always ends up being rejected (landlords are adamant on the ‘you just earn 3 times your rent or more’) and I can’t possibly move further away from my work since I already commute 4.5hrs every day. I only have about 30k EUR saved up so I can’t buy a place either (and I can’t apply for loans since I have a terminal disease so I don’t pass the screenings).

I was just wondering if you guys knew about some alternative ways of housing? I’m not picky but it I need to have my own address and a wired internet connection; and no roommates as well (it’s the whole point of wanting to move out of my parents’).
Thanks in advance.
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Addicted to constant internet scrooling, youtube, porn

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I dont find fulfillment or happiness from anything else
I used to write as a kid, used to produce music in my teen years and bought a camera last year but now, I dont do anything
All I do is eat like crap, masteubate and consooom internet content
I dont know how to get out of this rut
I am 19 and this has been going on for a year or two(especially since covid started)
I dont want to stay like this in my 20's
My porn addiction has resulted in me developing cuckold fantasies and a degen outlook on women in general
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How to make a living from erotic writing? Like how would I find clients and what should my writing portfolio look like. What kind of fetishes are the most lucrative? What are the best sites?
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>trannies turned me gay
How do I recover?
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Career advice

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>college dropout after 2 years
>worked in IT during college
>worked in a factory for 1 year since then
>quit and currently neet

From my experience running game servers, hobby groups, websites and a blog, I am good in organization, marketing, and writing. I have a basic ability to write code. I am not super sociable, but also much more confident and outgoing when talking to someone through a computer than face-to-face.

I am looking to find a full-time remote job, preferably somewhere I can employ the soft skills I mentioned. My problem is I don't have good paper credentials or job history. A cursory look through LinkedIn and Indeed is not finding much that I like. What are some fields I could look in to, that I can realistically enter? What job boards are the best to use?
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Will a trad guy who wants 5+ kids with a stay-at-home wife marry me if I am not a virgin?
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is it worth of my time or should I run?
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I'm half white half Pajeet

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Can someone put me in my place already?