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Had an amour fou type of fling a year ago.

It became toxic because of external circumstances and we parted ways.

I dated other girls in the meantime but never really could forget her.

Now we're back in touch. We've both apologized for the toxic shit we did to each other and we're meeting again soon.

And I don't know why but I'm not sure I'm feeling it. Literally a month ago I was reminiscing on our times together a few nights a week before sleep. Now the thought stresses me and I'm not even sure I like her all that much. I haven't seen her again yet, my memories with her were some of my fondest, and we're objectively compatible/similar/whatever in a lot of ways, from sex to intellectual interests or sense of humor. But now all of a sudden I feel iffy about it.

What's going on? Wat means? What do?
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How do I tell my gf her plushies take me out the mood?

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It makes me feel like I'm in a child's room even though we're both adults
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My father and mother always fights in public.

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>Be me
>25 year old woman
>Live with parents
>Shop with parents since young until 25
>Parents fight in public
>Dad screams at mom
>Mom cries
>I feel embarrassed
>Looks at others, happily shopping, looking pretty
>What do
>Have job but have to support family, can't leave them behind
>Have religion but losing faith
>So sad desu
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/htgwg/ How to Get Women General #113

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HTGWG is by men, for men, about women. Anything related to getting (and dealing with) women goes here. All anons are welcome to ask questions from more experienced anons, share experiences, get a second opinion, and give updates on advice received. It doesn't matter what you're struggling with, we know how hard it can be, we got you brah.

HTGWG is NOT for whining, moping, incel-dom, hopelessness, or any of that crap. If you've given up, then go bitch about it somewhere else. Ignore the miserable posters who refuse to put in any effort. Let them rot. They have every other thread on /adv/ to writhe in and every other board, too.

New posters are encouraged to share their latest experience with women, be it an attempt to approach, a date, a cute girl from school, or just a girl you saw somewhere and thought was cute, but hesitated to go and talk to her. Also read the FAQ before asking questions.

Reminder that context is important. If you're asking for advice don't just ask 'This girl ghosted me, why?', we can't understand what your situation is like. Try to help other anons understand so they can help you, add as much (useful) context as possible ("I was at the bar, this chick was checking me out and .....", what your relationship is with the girl, how long have you known her, screenshots or outline of conversation if any, etc). Don't forget to ask an actual question.

>FAQ & Resources:

>Previous Thread:
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Any Sydneysiders here?

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I'm about to be made redundant at my minimum wage position at a call centre in a month or so.

I desperately need any job I can because I'm in a bad spot financially. Is there anything I can do with just a basic bitch degree and a lot of customer service experience shit?

I'd sell my own ass if it'd help me make ends meet but I'm not a cute girl.
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Why don't girls like me?

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I'm not ugly and I see guys who look way worse than me with attractive girlfriends. Even when girls show interest, I ruin it when I talk to them.
What is it that women absolutely hate in men? Do they think I'm a pussy?
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Have any men here made the change from beta to alpha? Like from being a pushover to actually being a man that takes charge personally and sexually? I want to break up with my doormat bf but he swears he can change. I brought up all these ways he could change and I don't think he will. I feel like I've been gassing him up for years but he's still this meek little mouse afraid to do anything
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how would it feel for a straight guy if he knew that a gay guy was crushing majorly on him and thinks about him on a consistent basis?
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give me one good reason why i shouldn't kill myself
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