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My advice to any man looking to understand women and relationships is to watch every YouTube video this woman puts out about dating. It has absolutely increased my game and confidence 1000x. You will hear shit no one else says but that is so spot on. You just need to understand subtlety
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Asking only men

What's the best way to get laid on a cruiseferry? I was on one recently but no women showed interest the whole 21 hours. I only did 2 approaches because I didn't want to approach women who hadn't shown interest beforehand. Was rejected by both. One was a girl sitting at a slot machine, she didn't respond. The other was a girl on the dance floor. I turned toward her when I was dancing, but she ignored me. I think many of the hottest girls were never on the dance floor so maybe I should focus less on the dance floor. Some were sitting in groups in the seating area around the dance floor. Others might not have been in the club at all, hard to tell.
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Why do girls give up their virginities so easily?

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It seems like girls typically want long term relationships and guys typically want hookups when <25 years old. A common response i get is the girl thinks the guy is gonna stay with her so she gives it up and lets him smash. but why not just wait till marriage. i think thats the easiest way to screen if a guy is of good nature/manners. if he is willing to wait and respect your decision doesnt that make him chivalrous and amazing? like if i was a girl and i told him i want to wait and he told me ok id feel so comforted and prob more in love. i find it very shocking girls give it up before marriage and then are surprised when the guy breaks up with her a week later. then the girl believes all men just want sex and nothing duh, you fell for a loser.
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Why does everyone on this board seem to have such vitriol and hate for people suffering from BPD?

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Cashing a check

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Um guys I'm so lost here
I got these checks from the US
I don't have a US bank account
I can't even open one without residency, and proof of address
I also cannot get any of the apps to work here
I am in Europe
How do I deposit these?
I can't find a bank that takes them
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My (adult) girlfriend looks like a child and its very hot to me. However, she told me she got bullied for being pedobait in the past and now I feel guilty. I don't want to hide this from her, but I also don't want to contribute to her trauma. Should I just keep quiet about how I love her childlike qualities or be open with her and let her decide if shes comfortable with that or not?
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How do i stop feeling resentfull towards women for having such privileged lives?
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It's been 3 days since I last defecated.

I usually defecate every 3-5 days, and in the time between I feel somewhat uncomfortable sometimes, but I just can't force it

Is this normal? It started happening around 2 years ago.
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Bros, you lied to me. I thought being good looking was enough to pull any girl and what i say don't matter as long as i got the looks. I don't even know what I'm doing wrong, all my matches go to waste because i got no game, absolutely none. Even when i think i am smooth, it always backfires and i am not desperate in the slightest. I've been talking to a girl that was insanely into me, i found that weird and we don't talk no more, but now i just think she was putting up with my stupid texts because she was blinded by lv i guess.
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Why do women think being obese is healthy?
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