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I want a better life.
I need to get the fuck out of Southern California, fuck this place, fuck everyone who lives here.
I need a new life.
I can't do this any more.
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how do you talk to people?
how do you form relationships and make friends?
is there any step by step guide with high success rate you can follow?
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how do you get rid of loneliness and suicidal ideation?
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How do I stop having an existential crisis from picrel
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Should I get the covid vaccine?

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After I saw Joe Rogans post on instagram, I'm very sceptical of the vaccine now. Ivermectin seems to work wonders. Should I get the vaccine anyways or should I buy some ivermectin?
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No I wont participate in a society that hates me and wants me lonely, demoralized and dead.
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Boyfriend threatened to leave because of Muslim ex

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I'm Jewish and my boyfriend is an atheist. I told him that if we got married I'd want to raise the kids Jewish, and I'd want the entire house observing the major holidays. He was ok with kids being Jewish, but he didn't want "my religion pushed on him".

However one day we were talking and I made a comment about an ex being Muslim, and out of nowhere my boyfriend lost his shit. He started ranting "holy shit. So you try and push Judaism on me and you literally dated your cultural enemy" what the fuck I'm not getting shortchanged like this". I got pissed at the "enemy" part and told him it really wasn't that simple and he just said "if I feel like you're pushing your religion on me I'm done". I'm sending some islamophobia from him and it's kind of a turnoff, so I told him so and he said "I don't give a fuck you hypocrite"

Is this worth saving? He won't talk to me.
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how to self improve and not become this?
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can anybody explain to me what this is?
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my mom likely has cancer. she is about to go through a battery of tests, and she's anxious and afraid.
how can i comfort her and make her feel as calm as she possibly can in her situation?
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