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losing patience with everything, cant even stand in a queue for 5 mins before getting annoyed and just not buying what I wanted. friend was like 10 mins late but by the 7th minute I was so annoyed I just went home. FUCK I dont know if im right to do this or im being a cunt
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I've developed a habit of making fake profiles on indeed and linkedin to catfish recruiters as revenge. My friends think that it's weird. How is it any different from catfishing people on dating sites and apps?
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Blackbros, how do you live with the fact that we will never be White?

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Why didn't God make me White?
I wish I was Whit every fucking day
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I Have a test in three weeks and I can't start to learn. Every time I start some chapter and encounter some problem I skip it and go to another one(It's not a book with ordered chapters). Then if I encounter some in that one, yeah... I also skip it. Then, I lose all motivation to go back to the book because I feel like I don't have time for that and I know the most important things. So it looks like it's fine. Well, it is until I start learning from my second textbook. It turns out I needed some of the skipped material. Now I change my mindset to "well it looks like every little thing is useful". So I fill the gaps with the first one. The cycle fucking repeats itself countless times and in the end, I find myself debating whether not to neck myself or maybe I'm not smart enough anyway. In the middle of the analysis of human purpose in the universe, I'm reminded that maybe it would be better to study chapter 5. But I know it will be the same. Jesus Christ, I just can't.
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I have the worst anger issues of anyone in the world

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I have been arrested several times for anger outbursts in public, meaning I have a criminal record for several assaults where I just flew off the handle and started attacking people. The slightest perceived insult to me causes me to go into a blind rage where I shout obscene insults and threats at random people. At times, I have even reacted like this to friends and family members, and so i have few people left in my life who can tolerate me any longer.

I need help. But I feel I am beyond help. I CANNOT live like this any longer. I feel like my only option is to lock myself away in a room so I can't harm anyone. Just 20 minutes ago something stupid happened while I was walking down the street again causing me to fly into a rage at some random woman and call her a "bitch" and tell her to "go fuck herself". This is only a mere hint of how awful I can be to people when I am angry.

I CANNOT live like this anymore. I am going to meet a terrible fate in life, one way or another, if this carries on. But I have been like this for as long as I can remember. Ever since I was a child I have had these blind and violent rages, and no amount of therapy has ever gotten me any closer to solving the issue. WHAT THE HELL DO I DO???
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To Tweet or not to Tweet?

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I've been off of Twitter for a few days after I did something...rather unsavory. I'm not gonna elaborate on the details, but let's just say it's something that could have really fucked me over if more people knew about it (although to be fair, I was somewhat coerced into it as well). Anyway, I deleted Twitter off my phone and have been only visiting it once a day on my laptop to see if anyone's said anything about me. Luckily, I haven't been slandered publicly. I'm considering making a return, but I'm kind of liking being away from Twitter. I feel like I can focus on more and there's almost less stress I'm feeling as well as a result of not being on it. Should I make my hiatus permanent, or should I return at some point but make my account private or something? Should I maybe even create a new account altogether?
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Too retarded for university and life in general

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I started university 4 years ago just after finishing school but since then it became increasingly obvious that i am not cut out for higher education
My grades are pretty shit and the only way i can somewhat save my gpa is by changing my minor to english next semester
I'm just such a lazy rucking retard i always tell myself ill be better this semester but it never works
Covid made me even more depressed and completly stalled any progress i msde
Im gonna need at least 3/4 more semesters and am actively dreading returning to college but i dont really have other options
I could have started a trade but the deadline for that was september 1 so theres nothing i cand do right now
At this rate im gonna have to leech of my family till im in my mid twenties
They deserve a son who isnt such a fuckup
I just need some sort of advice how to deal with these feelings and how to fix the way my life is going
tldr am sad retard
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Am i red flag or my gf is?

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So i'll try to make it short, i made reunion with my old friend i didnt see 10 years ago he invited me to his bday, i invited my gf by saying ''hey u want to come? I can ask if u can if you want'' not the best invitation but i figured she wouldnt want to be with someone unknown, she's introverted
I got an answer ''yea no thanks i got work to school'' fair point she was just admited to high school of economics
So i went alone i didnt knew my friend had a girlfriend but she was there too, normal stuff
When i came how i got yelled at that i didnt invited her and, but i did sort of and i didnt texted her sooner, i texted her like 8 hours into the party my bad agree, and was mad that i added my friend and his gf on instagram and fb seemed normal stuff to me but not to my gf, and fas forward she left my house and is wandering at the middle of the night in the forest,. I could't find her nor catch up to her so i returned and now i'm home alone feeling guilty af
I said to her, dont worry if u wanted to come no worries they want to pay us a visit too now not sure what to do, should i even try to get her back? I do love her except when she's like this
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>be me
>asocial, khv, no friends
>all I do is wake up, play vidya, go to shitty job, come home, play vidya and go to bed (usually around 1 AM)
>does this everyday
What are other things I can do to add some spice? I'm sick of living life like this.
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I fucked a ugly Mexican chick last night.

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I have no fucked a ugly girl in my life and I was very drunk and fucked some random girl in my apartment complex. I do not feel good about fucking ugly girls and I am very disappointed that I did it. Also, since she is my neighbor, I’m going to see her everyday. What do I do?