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Blackbros, how do you live with the fact that we will never be White?

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Why didn't God make me White?
I wish I was Whit every fucking day
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I Have a test in three weeks and I can't start to learn. Every time I start some chapter and encounter some problem I skip it and go to another one(It's not a book with ordered chapters). Then if I encounter some in that one, yeah... I also skip it. Then, I lose all motivation to go back to the book because I feel like I don't have time for that and I know the most important things. So it looks like it's fine. Well, it is until I start learning from my second textbook. It turns out I needed some of the skipped material. Now I change my mindset to "well it looks like every little thing is useful". So I fill the gaps with the first one. The cycle fucking repeats itself countless times and in the end, I find myself debating whether not to neck myself or maybe I'm not smart enough anyway. In the middle of the analysis of human purpose in the universe, I'm reminded that maybe it would be better to study chapter 5. But I know it will be the same. Jesus Christ, I just can't.
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To Tweet or not to Tweet?

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I've been off of Twitter for a few days after I did something...rather unsavory. I'm not gonna elaborate on the details, but let's just say it's something that could have really fucked me over if more people knew about it (although to be fair, I was somewhat coerced into it as well). Anyway, I deleted Twitter off my phone and have been only visiting it once a day on my laptop to see if anyone's said anything about me. Luckily, I haven't been slandered publicly. I'm considering making a return, but I'm kind of liking being away from Twitter. I feel like I can focus on more and there's almost less stress I'm feeling as well as a result of not being on it. Should I make my hiatus permanent, or should I return at some point but make my account private or something? Should I maybe even create a new account altogether?
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Too retarded for university and life in general

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I started university 4 years ago just after finishing school but since then it became increasingly obvious that i am not cut out for higher education
My grades are pretty shit and the only way i can somewhat save my gpa is by changing my minor to english next semester
I'm just such a lazy rucking retard i always tell myself ill be better this semester but it never works
Covid made me even more depressed and completly stalled any progress i msde
Im gonna need at least 3/4 more semesters and am actively dreading returning to college but i dont really have other options
I could have started a trade but the deadline for that was september 1 so theres nothing i cand do right now
At this rate im gonna have to leech of my family till im in my mid twenties
They deserve a son who isnt such a fuckup
I just need some sort of advice how to deal with these feelings and how to fix the way my life is going
tldr am sad retard
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I fucked a ugly Mexican chick last night.

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I have no fucked a ugly girl in my life and I was very drunk and fucked some random girl in my apartment complex. I do not feel good about fucking ugly girls and I am very disappointed that I did it. Also, since she is my neighbor, I’m going to see her everyday. What do I do?
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>can't fall in love with someone who sexualizes me (early on)
>never been loved by anyone who doesn't

it's like men are only capable of fleeting sexual infatuation, every love story I witness either ends on one of the two cheating or the guy acting odiously because stuck in a no longer sexually stimulating relationship
what's the solution to this one? celibacy?
I'm 19/F and mostly meet my potential partners at school

>but girls are only worth their coochie, it's only natural that you get sexualized since that's all you're good for
I usually try my best to make conversations constructive for both me and my interlocutor and question whether I'm being too selfish/self-centered, have a bunch of interests that are more or less relevant
also I try to be as sober as possible, avoid arousing topics, dress modestly, etc. so I'm really not doing anything to provoke sexual infatuation

>if it was chad sexualizing you, you wouldn't complain
I've been asked out a few times by popular guys, especially one that was singularly tall/handsome/social/smart (the whole package, your classic chad), but started avoiding them as soon as I learned (because suspected their main motivation)
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Something I learnt the hard way

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I'mma tell you right now anon, don't date that depressed girl with high-functioning anxiety.

I'm sure she tries so hard to work through it and I'm sure she's still perfect in your eyes but it's not worth it. Sure, helping her through her rough patches might make you feel closer, sure she's beautiful and sure she's sweet and affectionate but again, it's not worth it.

Severe mental problems aren't just for now, they're for life. Things may seem ok now but life only gets harder. Some couples can work through it together but it'll always be easier to live with somebody normal and healthy - don't deny yourself that if you have the choice.
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Biden has ruined the local economy and libs are pouring in. My house is worth four times I bought it for but so is everything else. I can't sell and I am stuck here. Is there any way to find an advantage in this situation?
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Starting work at a German tavern/restaurant next week, how do I restrain myself from making Hitler/Nazi jokes and getting myself fired?
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I met a nice girl, but I'm not attracted to her

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Here is me, a desperate 21yo kissless virgin, really want to date someone already. Never got the chance, no one liked me. I met a girl three weeks ago. We live in the same dorm and met each other and went for a walk/to a near by cafe a few times. Not as a date.

She is really nice. Very polite, socially awkward and shy, also a kissless virgin, loves complementing people. Majoring in international relations, knows Japanese and can watch anime with me. Sort of left-leaning, but not too radical(like supports LGB, but not T. Is pro-abortion, but hates twitter wokism and feminists these days. Sympathetic towards immigrants, but acknowledges them as a problem that has to be dealt with). She is funny, and finds my jokes funny as well. Not obnoxious. Has no ig, twitter or tiktok. A good listener. Always glad to see me and talk to me. An ideal gf I would be happy to have.

BUT I DON'T FIND HER ATTRACTIVE. She is not hideous, but very far from beautiful. Wears simple clothes and no make up. And I am so annoyed that I finally see a likeable girl, but I just don't like her in that way. If only she was fucking beautiful.......
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