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Why do dead bedrooms happen?

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I can't understand why a woman wouldn't want to have sex with her man or try new things - I mean I can rationally get that this exists, but in my guts I don't really sympathize. It's not that hard to just have sex, especially if you're a woman or the receptive partner. All you have to do is be present, hopefully wear something sexy that emphasizes your goods, and let the man do most of the work. But apparently many women don't even do that. I always wonder, "he must've pissed her off somehow or turned her off, and she just doesn't want to confront him." Like she might not even consciously know that he disappointed her. She feels the weight of all the years of hurt and disappointment that piled up that she doesn't want to confront, and instead she just buries it under the rug, and sexually and emotionally checks out in the meantime. She doesn't even want to accommodate him, or even touch him.

The guy doesn't understand why she changed, thinks it's on her and nothing that has to do with his own behavior, and then instead of confronting it or leaving, he starts looking elsewhere. Instead of trying to figure out their sex life, the guy thinks there is nothing wrong with seeking elsewhere - they view their wives as something they acquired, like a possession for a means to an end instead of a life partner that they are accountable to. He's with her out of convenience. What he should be doing is do everything in his power to access his wife sexually and make her receptive.

These are the types of people who describe what they love about their partners in very utilitarian terms.

Am I off about this?
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I am literally autistic, please explain this to me.

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>be walking down sidewalk towards bus stop
>sidewalk is 3 tiles wide next to a wall on my right
>3 guys walking towards me
>side by side
>I move over to the right side centered in my "lane" of sidewalk tile
>This is in the USA, where people drive
on the right, in London I would do the opposite
>plenty of time to see each other coming
>no one moves over
>I stop
>use the back of my right hand to nudge away the guy about to make contact with my side
>say "hey, don't touch me, you're going too wide"
>he looks angry and confused
>says something like suck my dick faggot, you wanna fight me
>turn 360 degrees and walk away
>bus comes around the corner right then and I get to the bus stop just in time

Do most people actually lack any self awareness and not watch where they're walking? Or is it just that most people walking alone are such submissive cucks that they allow themselves to literally get tread upon by people walking in groups hogging the walkway. When I'm walking with people I actually go ahead or fall behind them and move to the side when others are coming the opposite direction.

>but why is this a big deal, why do you care?
I really don't like unwanted physical contact, and in this situation, being on the right side of a decently sized walkway, it can certainly be avoided. It's also about self respect, like standing my ground, standing up to bullying, whether its intentional or just ignorance.
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Why do women think being obese is healthy?
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Can I just pick out and buy nicorette over the counter at CVS if I'm 21?
I'm aware nicotine is a stimulant but I don't want the smell of smoking or the carcinogens. I want to experiment with nicotine for energy & motivation eg before going on runs, as well as for weight loss.
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Distant Friend on The Same Friend Group

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What do you do when you have a friend who suddenly got distant from you interacting on the same friend group as you?

I have this guy who was one of my best friend for 2+ years. We spoke everyday for hours and were practically brothers. Suddenly, he starts uni (he was 17 when we met, I was 19), and gets distant. Whenever we spoke, he only talked about the university; his new friends, his archievements, his classes, and all that. Outside this, he never initiated conversation, and whenever I tried to it went nowhere. Also, we now go to the same uni.

Then he started ditching our RPG group sessions, bailing on spending lunch-time together on Uni, and he never spoke to me there unless it's a quick ''Hi, gotta go'' usually with his politician-styled tight hug. He tried to suddenly schedule a call with me but I said ''Nah dude, you've been bailing on me much lately'' to which rather than talk about it and/or apologize, he just said ''Cool''.

He interacts sometimes with our friend group however, and it's in that awkward spot where I don't know when to reply in the conversations because I don't want to talk to him but people are mentioning me there and all that. Since I denied his invitation, he never talked to me on my DM.

This is pretty fucking stressful because I'm an aspie and I don't know what to do. I've never trained for this kind of situation. Any tips? Am I justified in getting angry over him being distant out of nowhere?
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"Uncle Coomer" I guess D: (35M with 15F update)

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Update on the situation. Convo we had this morning. I can't focus on work for shit, so I'm gonna vent it out in here. Cry me a river.
Obviously not picrel, but pic reminds me of her face.

[ ] = emoji

>Good morning [3 hearts face] [heart]
Hello [smile]
>How u doing?
Fine I guess hehe. U?
>Anxious [worried]
>Are you still gonna see me tomorrow?
If you want it, yeah.
You deserve that we talk about it in person.
>I think I know what you're gonna say already
>But I still want to see you and hear it from you
Yeah. I have a lot to say to you, actually.
>I have things to say to you too
>Even if it doesn't change anything
>But I'll say them anyway
I want to hear it.
>[anime smile]

(47 minutes)

>I'm really sad
I'm really sorry. I wish I wasn't making you go through this.
>It's not your fault
Actually, it is. I shouldn't have allowed that spark to grow into a flame. I'm the adult person.
>I think it just happened, it isn't anybody's fault

(this got me 2 minutes thinking of a reply)

Sorry, I was reflecting upon it.
Maybe. Destiny sometimes is very cruel.
I really wish things were different.
[sad with drop in head]
>Yes. But why can't they be, right? [crying]
That's one of the things I want to talk to you tomorrow. I wish I could see you today so I could get it out of my chest.
But it's just one more day.
>I think I could arrange to see you today, but I understand if you can't
I think it's better if we leave it to tomorrow.
But I'll tell you if this changes.

That was it so far.
I have a heavy heart, but am on my way to "do the right thing". I guess I AM a 12 yo girl after all, like the Anon said in the other thread (it was archived today so I couldn't reply).
Wtf is wrong with me?
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Bi thoughts as a male?

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Am I bi If attractive guys make me feel things? The thing is that women do too.
Like I don't care about the average man or woman, but when I'm near attractive and tall guys I kinda feel like they're cute wish they would hit on me. That said I don't care about hookups or gay sex, in fact I kinda feel repulsed about that whole stuff. I'd like to give it a shoot, dating men, maybe giving it a try being in a relationship with one.

Not sure how to meet men, tinder/bumble do they work?
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Brother steals money from my mother

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She doesn't do shit, and he's not even that disclosed about it, it gets bad to a point today he apparently used 4K DOLLARS! from her credit card
she gets into periods where she cries to a point of saying she doesn't want to live anymore
then she forgets everything and he pretends to be a saint again
what can be done
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Which is more painful?

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>Staying a kissless virgin past your teens and into adulthood and never experiencing love/romance


>Breaking up with someone you loved very much

Personally I never experienced the latter but my friend was with a girl who he truly believed was the one and broke up with her and it still haunts him years later. I am however still a KHV despite getting a few chances in my younger years and it fucking hurts.
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Is it weird for video games to be the only thing you care about in life?