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I just had a really vivid dream of my step cousin raping me. What the fuck does this mean?
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First time smelling gf's pussy juice, really turned off

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So this evening I was with my girlfriend. I was touching and sucking her breast, and then put my fingers around her pussy area (close to her ass). She was wearing tights, so her pussy juices were all over her pants in that area. Since it was my first time ever getting in that area, I smelt my finger. The smell was awful :( fuck.
We got to sit somewhere else half an hour later and I could still smell her pussy. I barely wanted to kiss her and just wanted to go home. I actually felt really disconnected to her after that point.I'm really freaked out about this and don't know what to do. Do I talk to her about this? Or just hope next time smells better? She comes over in 2 days, and I'm probably going to smell her again. Please GC, help me out somehow!
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Does anybody else have troubles leaving their home state/town

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I recently moved to a new state, I'm 20 years old now. I'm having a fuck ton of troubles adapting. This entire past year has felt like a nightmare I haven't waken up from yet. I'm homesick as shit. I'm moving back in a couple of months. Has anybody successfully moved out of their home state here? Did your new state ever feel like home to you?
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Why has quality of life declined so much in the past 10 years?

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Literally everything is worse now than it was 10 years ago.

>Sports used to be good 10 years ago, now they're shit.
>Music used to be good 10 years ago, now it's shit.
>Video games used to be good 10 years ago, now they're shit.
>TV & films used to be good 10 years ago, now they're shit.
>The internet used to be good 10 years ago, now it's shit.
>The economy used to be good 10 years ago, now it's shit.

There literally isn't any exception to this rule. In the past decade, absolutely everything has declined. Nothing has improved. Life is unimaginably worse in 2023 compared to 2013.
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How do you guys cope knowing you're not "that guy"? You know, that rich, successful, attractive, alpha chad who could get pussy for free no matter when or where he is. That guy who has ton of ex-girlfriends who are still obsessed with him?
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Ashley Madison

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Has anyone here actually been on Ashley Madison? Is this app worth it? Can you actually get puss? I have to pay like $80 just to get credits to talk to someone? I've heard mixed opinions about people getting ripped off or talking to someone who actually wants a relationship. Do you all have experience?
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Do SSRIs eliminate emotions? I feel more disgust than depression and I want to know if antidepressants may help with that.
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I am afraid of driving

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I somehow got a license but I am not that good. I let my parents drive so I didn't really drive at all for like a year after getting the license because I am a hiki. I don't actually know anything about cars apart from basic driving stuff. Not even sure I know the traffic signs and rules. So far I never drove alone. There was always someone telling me what to do and where to go.
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How do I comfort my dad?

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My grandad just died. It's not affecting me so much but my dad broken, which is fucking me up. He's unemployed, fairly lonely, and can't do much physical activity. I'm scared that his mental health is going to crash.
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Hit a wall on self improvement, I'm stuck

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A couple years ago I decided I'd had enough of being a sadboi and started self improving. In two years I lost over a hundred pounds, started taking college courses after having stupidly dropped out in my early 20s, got a better job, started investing and getting finances in order
But I've hit a wall. I put all this effort in and have quantifiable results but I still feel like utter shit. I've lost my motivation now because all the effort didn't pay off in the one way I wanted it to.
Thoughts? Advice?
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