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Something I learnt the hard way

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I'mma tell you right now anon, don't date that depressed girl with high-functioning anxiety.

I'm sure she tries so hard to work through it and I'm sure she's still perfect in your eyes but it's not worth it. Sure, helping her through her rough patches might make you feel closer, sure she's beautiful and sure she's sweet and affectionate but again, it's not worth it.

Severe mental problems aren't just for now, they're for life. Things may seem ok now but life only gets harder. Some couples can work through it together but it'll always be easier to live with somebody normal and healthy - don't deny yourself that if you have the choice.
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Biden has ruined the local economy and libs are pouring in. My house is worth four times I bought it for but so is everything else. I can't sell and I am stuck here. Is there any way to find an advantage in this situation?
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Starting work at a German tavern/restaurant next week, how do I restrain myself from making Hitler/Nazi jokes and getting myself fired?
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I've been crushing on a girl at work for months but it turns out she's gay and everybody knew but they cheered me on for laughs and I'm sure the girl and all the other women knew as well because I'm obvious as fuck with my crushes.

This is so embarrassing, I don't know what to do. The girl has been nothing but nice so obviously I became delusional but now that I know this info it's going to be awkward and all the women will look at me funny.

How can I keep everything friendly and keep it from becoming weird?
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its so easy to fuck girls at partys and concerts, both of us are buzzed and the convos go so smooth. But is this idea of using drunk girls for sex wrong? Should I even care that im taking advantage of them?
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My mum found my collection of (historical) Hitler photographs and now my whole family thinks I am some kind of Nazi. Is it over?
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How do I tell my bf I cheated on him?

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My bf hasn't had sex with me in 2 years. I told him I'm frustrated with the lack of affection. He suck my boobies but it wasn't enough.

He said he didn't want to do anymore.

3 months pass since boobie suck.

I meet a guy online and we exchange nudes

I feel guilty. I ask bf what he thought about open relationships.

He said it was fine.

I go out with males and he gets jealous. I end up not banging them. Instead my bf gets a hate boner and finally fucks me. Fucks me everyday for a month.

Remembers he quit WOW and that he isn't fucking me because he's jealous, but because he doesn't have anything else to do.

Gets addicted to FF 14

The sex stops...

How should I tell him?
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>Girls always have a side peice
>They know when you're interested
>You're never the only person she's interested in

Is this true or are some men in my life giving women too much credit. It feels like this mentality leads to a constant paranoia and jealousy that can potentially become possessive and harmful. Perhaps it is true, but if it is, then is there even a reason to worry about it? If all girls are duplicitous, then surely it would be pointless to search for one that isn't?
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My best friend's daughter has a crush on me and I don't know what to do

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I'm 30yo, my best friend is 38. He has a 14yo daughter who has a crush on me. Sounds harmless, right? Just tell her that's not appropriate and avoid her, right? Unfortunately it's not so simple. My buddy is also my business partner and we're always working together to grow the business. Unfortunately his shithead of a daughter is always around. I've told her it's inappropriate and when she pressed further I threatened to tell her father.

She still wouldn't let up so I told my friend and he disciplined her. Still, she persists. The last straw was when she told me that if I didn't go out with her, she'd tell the police that I raped her. I immediately told my buddy, who grounded her. I'm terrified what's going to happen now though. She can't stay in her room forever. What happens if she actually tells the police this lie? Do you think the word of her father will be enough to avoid getting arrested? I'm so fucked.
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How to stop caring so much what other people think about me?
How to stop thinking that they judge me and think about me so much time?
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