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Which is more painful?

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>Staying a kissless virgin past your teens and into adulthood and never experiencing love/romance


>Breaking up with someone you loved very much

Personally I never experienced the latter but my friend was with a girl who he truly believed was the one and broke up with her and it still haunts him years later. I am however still a KHV despite getting a few chances in my younger years and it fucking hurts.
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Is it weird for video games to be the only thing you care about in life?
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What is wrong with me?

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Why do i feel like sex is overrated. i’ve probably never had good/great sex before because i never found anything meaningful only fucked hoes when i was in HS and in college fucked hoes on tinder than flings at work here and there but mainly all girls that i clapped were within a week span. recently i’ve been having problems in bed that i like last way to fucking long.. 45+min than end up going soft midway through and can never bust. i just want to have enjoyable frequent sex and fuck like a machine. now i have watched porn for a good while probably since freshmen HS so now almost 9 years (22yr old btw). what do i do? should i get my T levels checked and see if there’s something wrong? anybody help me with this issue
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Annual mood swing episode?

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For at least 4 years I have noticed that around September to early October I would have a week long neurotic episode where I have either completely different or exaggerated traits compared to the rest of the year.
Normally I’m quite apathetic and morbid but in this phase I would get emotional, drama media hits me like a truck. I ALWAYS cry once during this episode and that will be the only time I cry year round.
I get irate and acts like an asshole, even to my mum. Also my anger problem would get hugely exaggerated, I just blasted a guy’s leg out because he used a very rude move in light sparring.
It has been like this every year since my first year of high school, now I’m second year in uni. Each year it might manifest in a different way, but always a short while after going back to school.
Is this some sign of a mental illness or what? What can I do to prevent this next year?
Thanks for reading my blog
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Those fuckin' wasps

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Since week now im havin' a hard time dealing with all those wasps
(there are to many of them)

Someone know a most painfull way to kill 'em?
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Is she using me for attention?

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I have this friend that's super flirty around me. When we hang out with other people she always finds a way to make sure we end up alone. Tried to kiss her a couple of times, she always seemed charmed, but brushed it off every time. I'm not crushing on her or anything, so I played it cool and nothing changed between us. Still being flirty and spending time alone. I'm not really sure what to make of this. Does she just like the attention? I know she's not looking for a relationship right now and neither am I, but she might think I am. I'd like to turn this into a friends with benefits type of thing, which I know she is open to in theory.
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How do I ensure I never talk or rant to myself again?
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My GF is away for 2 weeks and I'm getting really horny rn.

How do I ask her to send me her nudes so I can fap to them while she's away? Porn it's cutting it. I have pics in skimpy clothes but not nudes.

I'm losing it anon.
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I can't do security anymore

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Me again. Posted the other day about how to deal with Gypsies and pikeys.
Needless to say it got heated today and 5 on 1 aren't not good odds.
What's a cosy job I can get where I don't have to worry about a knife run through my chest
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Should I let my husband prank our kids?

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My husband really likes messing with our kids- one of his favorite things is to tell them that he’s going to make one of them into tacos or burgers or whatever. They have twin sisters who are seven months old and my husband wants to do this “prank” for Halloween where he makes meat babies (pic related) and tells them that he cooked the babies. It honestly sounds very funny to me, but I think my kids would have an absolute melt down and I wonder if it might be a little too traumatizing. Figured this would be a good place to gather thoughts.