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should i fight back in Paris?

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recently I ran into bunch of pickpockets but managed to escape, I didn’t fight because I am a tourist and thought I may get deported or no?? Same with scammers, can I scam them too??? really want to
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How to get over fear of people I know seeing me on dating apps?

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Happened once and I still cringe over it.
But worst of all, i'm scared of my old highschool classmates seeing me and making fun of me even though I haven't seen most of those niggers in years. I'm 22.
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I went to the beach the past 2 days and noticed a lot of guys with girlfriends as tall or taller than them. Is 4chan's height obsession just a meme? Or are men shrinking and women don't have any choice but to date manlets now?
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My only friend (who is a cute GIRL with a bf...and we only talk on discord) just confirmed for me that she won't be able to respond to me much for three months while her long-distance bf is staying with her. I already knew he was coming but now that the day has come I'm still kind of upset. Why does it feel like I need her so badly? I feel lost and forgotten right now and it's hard to not feel angry at her for abandoning me even tho she hasn't done anything wrong. I hate being a dependent loser incel so much! She will literally NEVER feel this way about me and that makes me feel terrible. She's even confirmed many times that if we ever stopped talking she wouldn't really care :( Not in a mean way tho, I think I asked and she was just honest, and she's an autistic sorta person so it makes sense. I wish I had a gf so bad...
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Do you think PUA's and redpill coaches are funneling the money they make from their courses and content for prostitutes?
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Should I major in engineering or economics?
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How to stop giving incel vibes?

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I am an average looking third worldie, however, the incel psyop has ruined my self-esteem and made it a self-fulfilling prophecy.
I am insecure about my height, dick size, everything and my body language shows it.
If a girl stays around me long enough, she can kinda sniff that incel energy. HOWEVER, I am not talking about desperation or simping/attention, I just radiate "incel" energy by merely existing.
I wasn't like this before I took the black pill.
I like to cope that things aren't this bleak too. Yes, there are still 6 feet Chads in my third world brown region and girls are more conservative but I still feel like shit.
Is there anything I can do about this or is it over?
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Quick Advice

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>"Life's not fair dude"

The only people who say this are those who are currently benefitting from the grievance being discussed. They are actually laughing internally saying 'not my problem lmao'. For instance if you were discussing a political policy and how it's fucking over your family. Some 'stoic' jackass strides in, "LIFE NETR FAIR BROE", and then checks out. He knows that he would not say this if it were him, but he does it in this scenario to feel like a badass and because he gives -100 shits about you.

Now, if we are being objective this statement is true. Life isn't fair, BUT you should be wary of those who say this to you when you are voicing a grievance like your gf leaving you or breaking your leg. It's very important to understand the underlying context of why people say things to you so you know whether they are worth keeping in your life
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I recently got a job that I hate and I'm now applying to other jobs. How do I mention this in an interview? Will they think I'm gonna quit on them? This is only like my third job.
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