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How do I tell my bf I cheated on him?

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My bf hasn't had sex with me in 2 years. I told him I'm frustrated with the lack of affection. He suck my boobies but it wasn't enough.

He said he didn't want to do anymore.

3 months pass since boobie suck.

I meet a guy online and we exchange nudes

I feel guilty. I ask bf what he thought about open relationships.

He said it was fine.

I go out with males and he gets jealous. I end up not banging them. Instead my bf gets a hate boner and finally fucks me. Fucks me everyday for a month.

Remembers he quit WOW and that he isn't fucking me because he's jealous, but because he doesn't have anything else to do.

Gets addicted to FF 14

The sex stops...

How should I tell him?
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>Girls always have a side peice
>They know when you're interested
>You're never the only person she's interested in

Is this true or are some men in my life giving women too much credit. It feels like this mentality leads to a constant paranoia and jealousy that can potentially become possessive and harmful. Perhaps it is true, but if it is, then is there even a reason to worry about it? If all girls are duplicitous, then surely it would be pointless to search for one that isn't?
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My best friend's daughter has a crush on me and I don't know what to do

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I'm 30yo, my best friend is 38. He has a 14yo daughter who has a crush on me. Sounds harmless, right? Just tell her that's not appropriate and avoid her, right? Unfortunately it's not so simple. My buddy is also my business partner and we're always working together to grow the business. Unfortunately his shithead of a daughter is always around. I've told her it's inappropriate and when she pressed further I threatened to tell her father.

She still wouldn't let up so I told my friend and he disciplined her. Still, she persists. The last straw was when she told me that if I didn't go out with her, she'd tell the police that I raped her. I immediately told my buddy, who grounded her. I'm terrified what's going to happen now though. She can't stay in her room forever. What happens if she actually tells the police this lie? Do you think the word of her father will be enough to avoid getting arrested? I'm so fucked.
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How to stop caring so much what other people think about me?
How to stop thinking that they judge me and think about me so much time?
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>after months of exercise i am now down to what my weight used to be
>still somehow look fatter than i used to

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I finally got my first big boy job as a upper manager and I'm noticing myself changing. My first business event I made out with a girl at a bar for the first time and then met a random hottie in my hotel who I brought into my room for a hookup. My social skills have been getting better every year but this is ridiculous. Obviously my job comes up in conversation so that could be part of it. I feel very proud and passionate of it because it's a product of my hard work and obsessive autistic interest over many years. I've always been pretty frugal, living in cheap apartments or with my parents. Now that I can afford to move out, I don't know if I should go for a nicer apartment or buy something or if I should wait a bit. I started listening to lil peep and bones when I used to listen to new age and progressive rock. Girls I meet when travelling become obsessions for a minute and I consider flying them to me and holding them down, whereas I never even attempted to spend money on dates or even long term GFs, always a cheap gift giver.

How do you stop yourself from changing too fast? Being caught up in a new paradigm. Have I become successful? I don't think I have, I have more I want to do, but I'm afraid of becoming comfortable and gluttonous/letting my lust control me. My job is truly remote and I'm not tied to anywhere but the country I'm in. Would moving into the country at 30 years old be a bad idea to keep myself grounded? I feel like moving into a city would be a bad idea but also good for my social life, development and even chasing of further dreams and projects.
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>wagie making a quarter ($0.25) above minimum wage
>wanna into computers since technology's really the only thing that sparks any actual interest/intrigue in me
>decided to into programming a few months back
>started with python, stuck with that for a few weeks and then dropped it because I was still in hs then and got bogged down by school stuff
>took up learning web development recently, bought a udemy course despite them being available for free on other less than reputable sites
>entire schedule has become wake up, get ready, go to wage cage, come back at 10 at night, play vidya for 3 or 4 hours since I've lost the ability to go to bed at a reasonable time and by then I've completely mentally shut down, and then sleep for 10 hours
>dedication to web dev course has come to a screeching halt as a result
wat the fuck do
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Father Birthday

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What are some cool generic gifts one can buy for their father?
Im asking for some universal ideas, like a book for a 50-yr man. I can think of personalized gift by myself, but want to know what else can I buy
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How to make my father less stressful? I can't actually talk to him casue he avoids questions and says urelated shit. When he comes home he slumps in front of the pc and browses cars all day or plays something braindead. He's a firefighter btw if that helps anything.
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How the hell do I stop being a NEET after 2 years?
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