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Is me starting to hate the extremist right and antifa left growing up, or me becoming a bootlicker?
I don’t like liberals and conservatives and libertarians and the establishment for the record, either, but after being surrounded by the first two I listed my whole life, I see nothing but posers. At least you know what you’re getting with a wine aunt liberal, or a boomer conservative, or a gun toting capitalist libertarian, and it’s pretty common knowledge that public and elected officials just lie, everyone knows that. But the internet has made it seem like you must pick a side, the alt left and the alt right.
These people want things like violence and anarchy, but are riddled with crippling depression, anxiety, and can’t even ask a girl out.
Am I just maturing from 4chan and the internet, or am I becoming a slave to the system?
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Bi thoughts as a male?

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Am I bi If attractive guys make me feel things? The thing is that women do too.
Like I don't care about the average man or woman, but when I'm near attractive and tall guys I kinda feel like they're cute wish they would hit on me. That said I don't care about hookups or gay sex, in fact I kinda feel repulsed about that whole stuff. I'd like to give it a shoot, dating men, maybe giving it a try being in a relationship with one.

Not sure how to meet men, tinder/bumble do they work?
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afraid I'm being taken advantage of

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I don't have many friends, but one of the friends I have often comes to me saying she's lonely, needs company.

When we hang out, she does nothing but talk about how she's in this impossible scenario where her mom abuses her and she can't escape it because it's impossible to save money due to circumstances.

I don't know what to do because yes I could give her money, but that would hurt my future plans. She doesn't have a boyfriend and I'm afraid I would hurt her feelings if I told her to get one. I'm not sure what to do. I get really excited to hang out and have someone to talk to, but immediately it just turns to me having to hear these terrible stories of abuse and how she just needs help but can't find any.

Also, mothers are fucking psychotic I've realized. Almost everyone I know tells me how their mother is a fucking monster, and I believe it because my mom is a goddamn monster.
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Should I lie about my virginity status?

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My newish friends are starting to talk about sexual stuff and I just kinda laugh along like I can relate to what they’re talking about.

They quite frequently also joke about how I probably get a lot of pussy.
If the situation arises, should I tell them that i’m a KHHV subhuman failure or should I lie? Will they see me as a lesser being, given that I don’t know them that well.
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Why do girls give up their virginities so easily?

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It seems like girls typically want long term relationships and guys typically want hookups when <25 years old. A common response i get is the girl thinks the guy is gonna stay with her so she gives it up and lets him smash. but why not just wait till marriage. i think thats the easiest way to screen if a guy is of good nature/manners. if he is willing to wait and respect your decision doesnt that make him chivalrous and amazing? like if i was a girl and i told him i want to wait and he told me ok id feel so comforted and prob more in love. i find it very shocking girls give it up before marriage and then are surprised when the guy breaks up with her a week later. then the girl believes all men just want sex and nothing duh, you fell for a loser.
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How to radiate sigma male energy?
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How to cope with white replacement

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How do I cope with this? I don't feel welcomed in America, and that sucks. What do I do?
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Should a sex addict seek another sex adict?

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Would you end a relationship just based on your own desire to have as much sex/orgasms as possible?

I have a good girlfriend, she is pretty, smart, we live together, have a future ahead etc. We have sex like almost every day, or we try at least, if not she sucks me off. But i want more, I would like to fuck her 10 times per day but 1 time is max. It bothers her if I masturbate to I stopped doing that in hope of decreasing my urges but not sure it's helping. I am also kinda obsessed right now with voluptuous women and huge breasts that I would like to fondle, just to try it, but I am committed to my girl with normal sized breasts.

It's not perfect but it's good enough, though I have always been very sexual and feel like I am missing out. Maybe I should learn to live with the urges and maybe they will go down, or should I end it and become a fuck boy once again, fucking hookers and exploring. We live together so a brake up would also be very inconvenient but not sure if I should continue trying. She also knows about the urges and gets upset at times because no matter what she does, she can't completely satisfy me, granted she doesn't have the time (or doesn't want to take the time) to endure long sex sessions with me. Opening up the relationship is also not a possibility and I doubt I could ever come back to her after having some kind of fucking around marathon.
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How does one find a wife?

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I'm 26 M. I'm done with sex, I had a hoe phase for awhile, and eventually realized that never brings happiness. I want a wife and a child.

All I want is a woman who is smart, sweet, driven, honest. What do these women want? I'm talking about a wife material woman, not just some hot chick to have sex with. Someone to trust and share a family with forever.
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She likes to cuddle and is always touching me and wants me to hold her waist. We haven't kissed yet but both expressed that we have an interest to do so. I told her this because she told me that she has physical and mental attraction towards me. Problem is - she is engaged to a girl and she starts losing feelings for her. That is why we do not cross the line of kissing. She thinks that engagement was a mistake because she is still young. She is 23, I am 29. She told me that she doesn't want me to be a patch or a rebound. What did she really mean by this and what should I do? I told her to fix or abandon her relationship if she sees it as a correct move, as I don't want to be in the mix.
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