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how do i tell a girl i wanna lick her pussy? i dont wanna be in a relationship. I literally just wanna lick her pussy for 10 mins and thats it.
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How did you guys find the religion for you?

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Muslim Bros, Christian Bros, Buddist bros, Hindu bros.....
How did you guys find acceptance and inner peace with your respective religions? I've never been "religious" myself but have always felt that the existence of a higher power and I don't believe I fall into any of the major religious branches as I believe in both Christ, Muhammad and Buddha (to some extent). I've never felt like I truly belong to any of these denominations. How do you guys deal with it or dealt with it if you ever felt like this?
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Something I learnt the hard way

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I'mma tell you right now anon, don't date that depressed girl with high-functioning anxiety.

I'm sure she tries so hard to work through it and I'm sure she's still perfect in your eyes but it's not worth it. Sure, helping her through her rough patches might make you feel closer, sure she's beautiful and sure she's sweet and affectionate but again, it's not worth it.

Severe mental problems aren't just for now, they're for life. Things may seem ok now but life only gets harder. Some couples can work through it together but it'll always be easier to live with somebody normal and healthy - don't deny yourself that if you have the choice.
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How do I stop suffering from internet induced fear and paranoia?
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some cuckold wants me to fuck his 6/10 milf wife while he watches, am i gonna regret it ?
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Biden has ruined the local economy and libs are pouring in. My house is worth four times I bought it for but so is everything else. I can't sell and I am stuck here. Is there any way to find an advantage in this situation?
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Sex dolls

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I'm a femanon, and I'm sick of discovering every single guy I've had a crush on is actually taken. Yes, there have been cases where I've caught feelings for but even the guys I assumed to be single turned out to be taken. I can't help but feel like all the good guys are already taken. Should I just get a sex doll? I never have to worry about a sex doll being taken.
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How do I stop being racist?
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What's the max number of sexual partners a woman can have before you refuse to consider her?

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