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Is this what i am destined to do?

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>be me
>25 year old software engineer
>get decent money
>live alone
>gym goer, decent shape
>drive a used RX7.
>spend my free time playing video games and banging random whores on hinge.
>Not interested in marriage as it does not benefit men at all and I'd rather bang whores.
>Not interested in kids
>Not interested in monogamy with 1 woman.

My day to day life is pre much:
>Monday to Friday work from home 9 to 5,
>go to gym at 6
>go on a date with some random whore from hinge/tinder and bang
>play vidya, browse youtube and 4chan
>spend weekends doing same shit
>rinse and repeat

Is this it anons? Is this is why my parents urged me to study hard throughout my teenage years?

Everyday its the same shit. Work, play, sleep. I don't know why people bother living, what is it that drives you to keep working everyday? Why are humans so afraid of death? It can't possibly be any worse than being a rat in the rat race. Unless i win the lottery, i will never truly be happy.

Tell me your everyday stories and how you cope. I love you anons, your 4chan greentexts that I see on youtube are the only things that cheer me up everyday, no matter how degenerate some of them are.
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Relationship advice

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Is it flirting if your partner (regardless of sex) sends ":3" and other cutesy shit like that to other people while in relationship with you?
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I was a total screwup in boot screw up. Or at least I was made to feel like a total screw up. Got a first class on all my pfts and I’m good at school so I was good on the tests but I was always getting in trouble for fidgeting or being disrespectful or being bad at drill. I was slow changing into uniforms and bad at folding clothes. Everyone, other recruits included were telling me to drop out and calling me gay and autistic. Got a lot of negative paperwork but I graduated on time.

This was several years ago but it still kinda haunts me. I haven’t had any issues out in the fleet with my performance and am planning on staying in until I’m kicked out. Anyone have a similar story?
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My father is a beloved math teacher in his community and is ready to retire, however he wants to keep on teaching math by making videos. Which would be a better platform for him, tiktok or youtube?

I dont use tiktok but I think the algorithm might be better suited for him to actually make some buck? Not to mention the age of the average tiktok user would probably be better for quick math tips and such. Any suggestions on this?
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I want to meet up with a guy from /soc/ for a dick appointment (I'm female) how do I make sure I don't get raped and killed like bob saget did to a girl in 1990? I'm ready to just meet up with the first handsome guy in my area code I'm that thirsty. But I am scared I will get harmed
Here are my ideas
>set an email to go to my mom for after I should've been home that I can cancel if I get home on time, detailing where I am going
>ask for std test results and picture
What else
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Imposter syndrome

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I'm a lazy unproductive untalkative work from home intern that doesn't fucking deserve the internship I got. My boss is the most wonderful patient guy in the world, and the other interns are 3000% more productive and motivated than I am. I've spent entire days on end basically doing nothing and messaging no one.
How do I even fix myself at this point? I want to turn this around but I don't even know how to do it.
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Enemies to lovers

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I'm fairly well-liked in my grade, but there are a couple people that strongly dislike me due to a really awful breakup that happened a while ago and also that I had a reputation in the past for being an elitist. I wouldn't care except one of the people who dislikes me happens to be the cutest and most perfect person I've ever met in my life. She's going to grad school very far away after commencement. Wtf do I say to her? I can't let this chance escape from me.
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Has anyone here looked at porn before that made them feel ashamed? I just watched hentai tentacle porn with endless rapes, and I feel gross afterward. Does it mean I am a sick person?
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