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Sex dolls

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I'm a femanon, and I'm sick of discovering every single guy I've had a crush on is actually taken. Yes, there have been cases where I've caught feelings for but even the guys I assumed to be single turned out to be taken. I can't help but feel like all the good guys are already taken. Should I just get a sex doll? I never have to worry about a sex doll being taken.
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How do I stop being racist?
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What's the max number of sexual partners a woman can have before you refuse to consider her?

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Is the meaning of life suffering?

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To live is to suffer, suffering is the true meaning of life. There is no happiness, you're either suffering or in a temporary state of lack of suffering, and that actually isn't all bad, suffering forces us to grow into a better being; Suffering is the only thing that can lead to fulfillment. Without suffering, life cannot exist, evolution wouldn't exist if our ancestors didn't suffer and thus causing us to change into a more complex being.

Lack of suffering causes life to slowly degrade into degeneracy and extinction. Is suffering the necessary evil required to keep life going?
I have been thinking about this for the past couple of days, it seems to make sense the more I think about it.

Pic unrelated
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Why are lefties so prevalent on social media and reddit? it seems very easy to develop the "conservative evil, liberal good" view when getting caught in this echo chamber. i dont think ive seen anyone express conservative views on the internet until i visited this website.
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Made a Tinder profile yesterday. Just got my first match. Now what? What the fuck am I supposed to talk about with women?

I'm a 23 KHHV btw
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>Girls always have a side peice
>They know when you're interested
>You're never the only person she's interested in

Is this true or are some men in my life giving women too much credit. It feels like this mentality leads to a constant paranoia and jealousy that can potentially become possessive and harmful. Perhaps it is true, but if it is, then is there even a reason to worry about it? If all girls are duplicitous, then surely it would be pointless to search for one that isn't?
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Friendly reminder that you are beautiful no matter what anyone says anon <3
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