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Easiest skill I can learn to earn livable money from my home?

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I want to earn enough money from home so that I can at least fund my living expenses ($17,700 per year). Ideally I'd like to only work 21 hours a week, be my own boss, work my own hours, have a guaranteed stable income.

I'm thinking about learning digital marketing, particularly SEO, affiliate marketing and copywriting. I don't know if I'd be able to achieve what I want with these though or which of these would be the best.

I've also considered flipping on ebay. I've had really good success selling my old shit on ebay in the past, low effort and big reward. Though the challenge would be finding things that sell without wasting too much money. Seems like I'd lose a lot of money and it's definitely not a guaranteed stable income.

I've thought about teaching English online to adult students in Korea/Japan/China. This seems like the best option but really boring and potentially unstable.

Am I out of my mind for thinking that fits my criteria is possible?