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is what I did enough for charges to be filed?

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I'm in Nashville, Tennessee in the USA
I am a total fool, I don't know why I did this...anyway, much help would be appreciated.

I sent bitcoin and my address, is that enough for charges to be filed??
Today I watched a Vice video on youtube, showing how easy it was to purchase drugs of any kind on Instagram. I made an account, found a random dealer, and sent him bitcoin for LSD. I immediately tried to cancel my transaction, but Bitcoin can't be cancelled once sent. So I told the person that I do not want anything with the money, that if he wanted to refund it that that was fine. I told him that I was stupid and made a mistake. If I receive a package, I absolutely WILL NOT sign for it or open it. I made a mistake, I regret it.
Am I going to be okay? I do not want to go to jail and I do not want the LSD. His accound seems real enough, so I'm hoping I'll just lose $120 and walk away from this a little more humble. Please help me.