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Help with a strange condition

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Hey guys,ever since a weak ago ive noticed something strange.
I think my bones are growing too fast,im not quite sure why or how.
It first started on tuesday,last week.
I woke up and noticed my skin was tighter arround my body,i cant quite put it into words,it was like my skin had been stretched out somehow.
I could barely move,and i was worried my skin would tear.
I didnt get out of bed,it hurt to move.
Ive been in bed since then,eating just by rationing out the take out food ive had left next to my bed
Ive had to use my phone and voice to text to type this out.
My conditions only getting worse,and i feel like something is stabbing into random parts of my body but idk what.
>ever since tuesday of last week i cant move because my skin feels smaller and could easily tear if i stretched it slightly
>now i feel random stabbing sensations in random areas

Anyone else ever deal with something like this? How do you fix this?