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Cut ties with friend or try to salvage?

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Want to know if I should forgive my friend or cut ties? Long story short- friend of mine has severe attachment anxiety. He was dating someone on again off again that continuously has cheated on him and literally fallen in love with other dudes during their fucked up relationship. He basically has cucked himself at every turn. Fast forward to last weekend. Friend was in town visiting his mom who lives 15 mins away. Cuck boii told me he wanted to get together while in town and grab drinks, catch up etc. Saw on social media he was in town and he never called me while visiting. Now I'm pissed because I know this guy is just using his GF to cope with feelings of loneliness and it feels like the friendship was just his way of filling an empty hole whenever he wasnt with her or in the relationship. I can get into more details, but this is already becoming a blog.