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Do I have aspergers?

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I've made an effort to improve my social skills so my social ineptitude isn't as obvious as it was when I was 12. I just can't tell if I got down to some aspie shit or if I was plain dumb like everyone else

>struggle to keep a conversation going with the other kids, envy them of talking so much
>notice one boy uses fancy words like "ignore" and "potentially"
> "maybe I'll be able to speak more if I have more words"
>wish for dictionary as birthday present
>get it
>fill two notebooks with sentences using the best words
>"I'll use these to talk forever, or at least start conversations"
>never use a single one

>hang out with girl at school and after school
>one break she asks me if we're friends
>"nah, I think we're acquaintances"
>she cries

>change school to take french classes
> skip classes that arent french classes in order to read french
> be denied access to school trip to france because of low attendance
> secretly plan my own trip to france as a 15 y/o because justice
> come home and stop obsessing about france and begin to obsess about ponds and other water features instead

What do you think?