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So I made a thread a few days ago, then went out and did some family stuff figuring the thread would still be up when I got home. I'm kind of ridiculously long-winded when the topic matters to me, so as I said last time don't like long posts? Don't read or reply. No need to inform me, you aren't that important. Anyway when I got back my internet was dead. It was out all that night and the following day. But I saw a few replies and unfortunately once my connection was restored the thread 404'd. This woman left the thread believing she was correct when her argument was blatantly incorrect and relied on ignoring the counterargument, ignoring every conflicting example, ignoring reality and frankly it was so painfully stupid it offended me enough to make another damn thread about it.

The argument in question was she asserted that it was hypocritical for men to expect virgins while they themselves were having sex. Her basis for this was that "In order for a man to have sex he has to do it with a woman" and she just repeatedly pretended this was a straight one on one exchange every single time. She acknowledged there's a large percentage of men who never get to reproduce, incels who are taken out of the equation right off the bat but simply ignored it and she ignored the presence of prostitutes and women who have sex with numerous men.

She suggested rather idiotically that the only two options are "men accept female promiscuity" or "men stop having sex" putting the onus entirely on the male gender in a proud display of feminist mental midgetry.