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Why do I know so many messed up girls

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Nearly every girl I (22M) know is mentally ill in some way. I don't mean that in a shallow "bitches be crazy" way, no I mean these girls have had multiple severe mental episodes and psychological symptoms that seriously hamper their judgment.

Most are friends, some are friends I thought I'd date but later thought otherwise. I'm not perfect, I'm prone to short depressive episodes but they're pretty tame (little more than struggling to wake up and doing absolutely nothing for a few days).

I know I can't handle a relationship right now but when the chance occasionally emerges, this issue is a real discouragement. Sometimes I feel the sick urge to just ask "are you mentally sound or not?" because that seems more rare than anything else.

I know everybody's fucked up and relationships entail being committed to helping each other despite that. My question is that is this normal? I'm aware that I might be attracting this particular type of person for reasons unknown.