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train that ho

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i have tried so hard to be a good boyfriend. however, my girlfriend is extremely obstinate and stubborn. she judges others very harshly (rednecks, uneducated folks, non-christians, cityfolk, antimaskers, voodoo practioners, pagans, whatever) while I tend to be more laidback and accepting. the funny thing is that she was raised in a small town, and her parents basically completely fucked up. she doesn't know how to ride a bike, she's only had 1 part time job for a year and is currently unemployed, she has never driven on a highway, can barely drive around our small town without a GPS lmao, and when she's around unfamiliar people she clams up like an awkward autist. but still, when we talk she will judge the fuck out of other people like they're dummies.

i'm not reeeeally christian, but when she asks I say I am because it avoids a dumb argument. she says christians and unchristians getting married is being "unequally yoked" and i have actually read the bible and gone to church, while she has not read nor has gone to church. i try to say "isn't being spiritual and believing the universe has a higher power enough" and she's like that's "No that gets you a ticket to hell". i told her once an ex of mine believed in astral projection and my gf said that was fake and also evil witch voodoo. but then her and her family tell me about all the ghosts they see and hear and if I even question it she gives me an angry look and says "dont be temptin the ghosts!!" so for a while I jokingly got into alchemy and magick to fuck with her lol. she is always making little angry faces and telling me about dumb people doing dumb shit or talking back to me or questioning me or interrupting me. I am a lot more street smart, and probably book smart for her.

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