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have a problem

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Couple months ago, break up with girlfriend after long term relationship for reasons.
Try to find new relationship later with a girl who apparently likes me at work. She plays me a bit but apparently does want to move forward with meeting outside of work.
Before that happens, ex and I talk things over and get back together.
Because I believe in transparency, I tell her about a girl at work.
Try to tell girl at work but she’s busy and doesn’t want to talk to me because shy at work.
Girlfriend shows up to work and bitches her out to stay away.
Everyone at work now thinks I was trying to cheat, girl I like contemplated a harassment charge, bad shit happened, but still have job, just no longer talk to the people I used to because I’m now an asshole in their eyes.
This is compounded by a text that was sent to ANOTHER girl who I wasn’t even talking to but labeled me as a cheater because “I was hooking up with this other woman” too.
Turns out, my girlfriend did the texts too, which was NOT obvious right off the bat because apparently this woman sleeps with a lot of dudes. Again, I didn’t touch her.
I get in trouble, the two girls at work throw me under the bus, the supervisor doesn’t even bother listening to my side of the story or for me to show the evidence I found that my girl went fucking bat shit crazy, I lose a lot of hours as punishment and can’t afford moving out, now.
And I did find evidence.
Evidence to the acts that a full month later my girl is still denying having done.