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my dad thinks im not enough

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i basically chose my college major because my dad advised me to it. he has a PhD in it. im 2 years in and basically managing to pass because of hours of studying and his help. i find it uninteresting and hate it. to say the least im untalented in the field, just passing through brute force and dedication. the thing is, however, that all his help comes with a price. every time i ask for any help he manages to put me down and hint that im retarded and not enough. im basically always in his shadow. for example, today my family was having a conversation about a subject related to the field of study. i was interested and asked a question about something we were talking about. he answered but managed to to embarrass me by adding "cant believe you still dont know this..." it sucks. you would think he would be happy to help his son who he convinced to follow in this shitty path. this shit is making me so depressed and making me hurt myself. i want to drop out of college and just give up. how the fuck do i cope anons?