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Do you think they are shitting on me or do they actually mean it?

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do you think they’re just trying to play nice so I don’t leave my job? (we are running out of technicians and i’m a decent technician)
Or do you think they actually mean they want to help me be a manager?

>apply for management position in my job
>i do my job well and people generally like me, so i go onto the 2nd round of interviews
>then they tell me they decided not to offer the management position to me, but they liked what i had to offer
>they say they want to help me be ready for the next management position that opens up
>its very plausible, the company bought a big new building and needs more people.
> Plus a lot of managers have moved on in the past few months

>they say they will put me in touch with other managers to help me grow

Anyway i’m not sure if they are shitting on me or if they might actually mean it ? I guess, if they actually put me in touch with other managers, would that mean they were being serious?

I’m still in school part time. so it’d be good not to leave, but I would start looking if they were trying to placate me