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Sorry for this blogpost on my inability to discern my part in the story but need to get this off my chest. I am struggling to discern Gods purpose for me. I am 23, History degree, work part time. Looking for full time, wanted to pursue Law Enforcement or Fire but the pandemic destroyed most towns budgets and its tough to get hired right now. I thought about the military and would have already done so but don't want to fight for a government ruled by oligarchs and pedophiles. This has also dissuaded me from LE as I don't want to enforce unconstitutional laws or enforce the will of modern Babylon. I am now searching for another job but can't find one that doesn't waste my potential or my intellect. Unfortunately the longer I wait the harder it could be to obtain a job. I don't know what I should be pursuing. What is unfortunate is that I felt I was always destined for greater things, I have great leadership qualities, determination, resilience, etc. but feel I am drifting through life. I make it a point to be kind and nice to everyone and would genuinely like to, even the people that don't like me but often get trampled or made fun of behind my back as a result. I already struggle to be social as I am somewhat introverted. This and the current world is starting to make me sad. I don't see any governments worth fighting for at the moment, just evil powers that are subservient to Satan. Is there anyone else who is in my position? Anyone who was and was able to move on and find purpose? How do you support yourself? How did God reveal your purpose to you? Besides lifting, what other things should I be doing? I want to pick up more productive hobbies too, creative and active, but feel I need to get a stable source of income and pursue God first.