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How do I just stop caring about food. I just don't want to want it anymore. Or at least only want it a fraction of what I do now. How do people just not think about it? Just don't care? To the point of sometimes just skipping meals by accident or just forgetting of its existence? I just spend too much mental energy on it. I've managed to lose a ton of weight, want to keep it off, but it requires a lot of diligence and tracking and I'm so exhausted of it all. I just want to be healthy and not overweight, I've worked so hard to get to the place I'm at now and I think I just care too much about food. It's always on my mind so of course I'm constantly tempted to eat more if it's what I'm always thinking about. But if I could just not obsess over it. I know the people I'm describing think food is good, they're not robots that purely use food as fuel or else they'd all be eating nutrient-dense gruel every meal, but they just don't care that much about it throughout their days.

Any advice on how to get to this point? Especially if you're one of these people already. What is food like for you? And also I don't go out much or have friends really. Apart from when I go out to work I'm at home doing nothing but distracting myself until my next shift. So if you're one of these people who also doesn't do much of exercise and always stuck at home, what do you do with your time and how do you experience hunger during those times? Whenever I'm home doing nothing food is always calling, even if I'm watching something, reading, crafting. What's it like for you? I'm willing to work on myself, I just need guidance.