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I think my bf literally hates me

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>20yr old with 31 yr old bf
>have sex 1 time evey 2 weeks just because I attempt daily
>he never tries to initiate with me, and when he does he only whips his dick out and expects me to do the rest

okay fast forward to today
>goes grocery shopping together for dinner
>bf jumps on game with friend instantly when we get home (thats ok)
>start making him dinner, it takes about 2 hrs and I remind him its about to be ready about 3 times
>dishes up his dinner and brings it to him, still in game ( ok it wont take long I'll just wait 5 mins to eat with him)
>finishes game and he starts to eat
>he is sitting there listening to his friend and friend's gf talk instead of getting off vc and talking to me while eating.
>he gets into another match while eating
TLDR bf ignored me after cooking him dinner to play games with friend instead of eating with me and going back to playing