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I want to stray a lot. I have a gf, we have tons of problems but we have gradually been working through them. I have to work with a girl I dated for a few months who is a huge nympho, along with a girl that has sent me nudes who has recently said that she can't wait till I'm single to ride me. I have to talk with these women daily, and while it's not a big deal in itself since we're all friendly and get along well, it's a huge test of my faith. I love my girl and the thought of making her cry breaks my heart, and her family is genuinely cool. However, we have many problems both in our present and our future. I had thought I was conquering my weaknesses but I was texted by that ex out of the blue tonight asking if I could come over and drink with her about her family, and I became instantly rock hard imagining all the ways I used to take her in the past. I came very close to taking her up on her offer, all for (admittedly very satisfying) cheap sex.

Do normal men have these problems? I feel like it's always a battle I shouldn't have to make in my mind. I feel like a piece of shit for even considering it, knowing my gf doesn't have this problem. Or maybe she does, I don't know. I just wish my gf were the only sexy person on Earth and I had a stronger will.