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Godamit I hate myself so fucking much, I have no friends in my age, fucking pathethic, and the only one I had which encourage me and at one point might have even like me now probably hates my very guts, all thank to my irracional fear of messaging (aka forever ghoster) and my worsening social skills with each passing of this god forsaken year, I now stumble on my words, stutter and even stop when some body talks to me, im a retard A fucking retard.

NOT ONLY THAT BUT I KNOW HAVE NO DRIVE FOR TOMMOROW, the only skill I had, fucking gone, cant draw for shit anymore, Well not that I was really good at it anyways, the other did anatomy in micro seconds, but Well no im a talentless fuck, with no visión for the future and an indecesive take on the impeding doom that are careers.

It hurst man, it fucking hurts..