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Is this a sign or something?

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I keep seeing the year 1995 EVERYWHERE!! I’m just scrolling through my YouTube recommendations, find a video from 1995. Scroll through a movie forum, see a film from 1995. Look at a forum thread about vacations, one guy bringing up a time where Italy smelled bad in the summer of ‘95. Look up a (now deceased) wrestlers theme song, it came out in 1995. Look up an old school rapper, he died in 1995. Look up a random movie mentioned on this site, it’s from 1995. Scroll through the web, see two random movies being compared, one from 1995. Look up a slang word on a movie forum, thread being on a movie that released in 1996, meaning it was worked in in 1995. Find out I haven’t deleted my old messages, find out they’re 95 WEEKS OLD!! Why do you think this is happening, adv?