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Hey /adv/
There's a girl at my work I want to talk to more.
She's been very friendly in our interactions together, going out of her way to help me with things and regularly greeting me with my name. One thing I think is a good sign that she likes me is that when I passed her and a coworker I do know, and I greeted my coworker first, she said "hey anon, I'm here too!" (in a nice tone). I think this indicates she likes me responding to her.
Due to our differing schedules I was going to ask for her snap as soon as the opportunity presents itself.
I was wondering if there's anything I should know before asking. I've never really asked for someone's snap before, so is there a particular etiquette?
Current plan is to:
>Greet her (though she usually greets me first)
>Ask her how her day is and see if she gives a positive answer
>Ask if I can have her snap since I'd like to talk to her more
>If yes, pull out my phone and let her add herself via my phone
>Thank her and say I look forward to talking to her

Any suggestions to improve my approach?