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I'm in a crazy long distance relationship with a girl on Instagram. She has Dissociative Identity Disorder and I love the shit out of her.

She's nuts about me, but doesn't really like to communicate directly. That's because she has hundreds of accounts which she uses to express herself to me instead. She's always making posts & stories and gets lots of followers in the process.

I'm very flattered by this, and I try to post sweet things in return, except I'm not very good at what she does, and I also get way too much feedback from her when things go wrong.

Overall I've been following and getting way too much of this girl, and I think I'm a broken man because for some reason I'm having troubles expressing and reciprocating my feelings to her. Everything has been said before, and a simple "I love you" doesn't really cut it anymore.

She recently told me that she misses what we used to have, and even said that 'I have lost my swag' lol.

Personally, I miss the simpler times when she had just one account, but because I didn't stop this sooner, I feel like we've passed the point of no return. What should I do?