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Best friends haven't contacted me since I cheated. What do?

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So I've had this friend group of 6 people for the past 4-5 years. We have been close since high school and it survived strong into college. I started dating my ex about two years ago, and two weeks ago I cheated on her. I know I'm a pos that should kms. My ex was acquaintances with all my best friends before we go together, but when we did I slowly but surely started bringing her around more, and eventually she became friends with them. For maybe the past year, I would say she has become true friends with them all and she was invited to a lot of events, especially the bigger ones where it included friends outside of our little group. Hell, just a month ago my gf was crying to me about how she was afraid they only saw her as my gf, and not as their friend, and she would always get really upset and cry whenever I didn't invite her to every single little thing I did with anyone of them. when we met up to talk after I told her I cheated, she started crying about how shes gonna lose all the friends I introduced to her now, but I reassured her that I wouldn't want them to ever take sides like that. But then she told me she would be extremely pissed if any of her friends still talked to me and wouldn't let that happen. That day, I decided to delete all my social media apps because I needed time to recover, focus on myself, and figure some things out, so I was also deleting the main mode in which I talked to my friends. However, I never received a single call or text from any of them checking up on me, as they all have my number obviously.