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>fiancé works as an certified athletic trainer at a high school in a ghetto black neighborhood.
>hates his job because the school staff is disorganized and the people he works with constantly give him shit, probably because he’s one of the few white guys that work there
>he’s trying to find another job somewhere else
>he had an interview at another high school yesterday. He said it seemed to go well

>today, the invitations we ordered for our wedding finally came in, but apparently there’s a typo
>this puts my fiancé in a bad mood before he heads out for work

>fiancé texts me later in the day that the high school he interviewed at emailed him and told him he didn’t get the job

Between the invitations having a typo, and him not getting the job, plus how he’s treated at work, I knew he was going to come home in a bad mood

I always try to have a hot dinner ready when he comes home, but since he comes home at random times, I tell him to please let me know when he plans on leaving, so I know when I can start cooking.