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I think I'm in my first potential salary negotiation test of adulthood, sort of.
>be research assistant at university hospital
>covid hits, screws up funding and staffing across multiple departments
>my boss can no longer afford to pay me full time, drops me to half
>my union has worked out a great deal with the uni to get them to cover the other half of my hours by placing me with whoever needs the extra hands
>get placed in a clinical research coordinator position somehow, I just deal with the extra work because it'll look good on my CV
>get praised for my work in the new lab extremely often (I am baseline competent, the last person was just so inept that she lowered everyone's standards) and continue to do well in my primary one
>4 or so months pass, my first boss tells me that she likely won't be able to pay to keep me around after June
>I'm kind of bummed because I had grown attached to her, but know with certainty that they other lab will be willing to take me full time
is there a way I can ask to be paid more since I'll be shifting to a higher position with more responsibilities without seeming ungrateful?