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My sister is 15 years old and I'm 26 years old. There are many years apart from us but ive always been loving to her as she is my only silbing.

She is really beautiful, she is truly a beautiful girl, so even if don't even have any sort of incestuous feelings towards her or anything like that. I do enjoy her attentions, i must admit that im not very popular with women and the fact that a beautiful girl such as her pay that much attention to me everytime i talk or express my toughts feels really good. She see me as some sort hero and i really enjoy the way she treats me and her affection.

I spend lots of time with her and actually take her with me to all places when im not working and she is not at school. Movies, the mall, the park, the mini golf, picnic... hanging out with her is that couple or hours per week is what brings joy to my life.

But my best friend (girl) just talked to me about how my relationship with sister might be unhealthy, she made emphasis that we spend way too much time together and that im the reason she doesn't even have a a boyfriend. I monopolize all of her time and affections. And basically she said that im a selfish cunt because i made my sister emotionally dependant on me just because im a sad pathethic loser that can't get such attentions from other women...

That was painful to hear from someone else but she might be right. I know my sister loves me as her big brother and i love her as my little sister, im not triying to groom her or pervert her or anything like such as that, she is my own blood, maybe im doing something that i should't, but, i never intended to damage her development as a woman or a human being. I don't want her to grow up fucked up only because of me. Should i simply cut her off and stop spending that much time with her and? Probably i should find girlfriend and hang out with her instead of my own sister, i never considered that maybe that she needed to live her own life without me interfering in it.