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How to stop binge eating

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I've been working on losing weight recently, and I'm having trouble controlling my urge to eat. I am a 185cm male, with a medium frame and currently weigh around 155 pounds (previously 190). Yes that's thin, however that doesn't change the fact my eating habits are terrible. I live with my family who aren't very healthy eaters, so I have to cook, prep, and buy my own food. Sometimes however, I'll be in the kitchen and there will be a chocolate cake or something I can't resist, and I'll eat some. After eating some, I'll get sad I broke my diet, say "fuck it" and eat more. It doesn't affect my weight because I always fast the day after I binge, but I don't want this to be something I do regularly. I have no issue with letting myself go like that if I'm going to do it at a party or event, after all it's not like one night of overeating will kill me, but I'd like to fight these urges I have to binge alone.