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How much would it cost to hire a caretaker

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So back in July last year I had a loved one in our family get a pretty nasty head injury that resulted in a concussion. The rest of my family is pompous, arrogant, narcissistic and egotistical assholes that only care for themselves, so this one that's the black sheep (the good one out of the shithole family line) doesn't have much to go to. They only have a few friends that are either far away or can't do shit because they're immunocompromised. Otherwise nothing else to go to.

I signed up to help which I thought this wouldn't take long. They've been going to physical therapy and showed signs of recovering. Then benefits were cut off and they couldn't afford physical therapy even though I could help pitch in, not knowing how much it'd be. After that their symptoms got worse and what was some peaceful days I've been taking care of them turned into 24/7 caretaking which I am not a professional in.

Things have gotten progressively worse over the months where basic physical needs turned into financial then mental and emotional when they were getting so fed up getting screwed over on their benefits, they said on the phone they'd rather deal with being dead because it would be easier than dealing with the company. On a day I was away running errands and come back to cops at their front door.

I'm at my limit. It was one thing to take care of simple shit like cooking and cleaning up the place, I don't want to be someone's buoy to hang on to life when I'm still tryna pick up mine. This is something a professional needs to do and I'm outta options. Its either they get a professional caretaker or they gotta go to a mental ward.

Anything helps.