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Progression of a relationship?

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This thread might seem weird but I am trying to get a feel of progressing a relationship. So for example, if you are in one or have been in one, how did it progress? Be as excruciating as you can with the details. Like "Day ??: First date, we did blah blah blah" Basically, I have never been in a relationship so I don't really know how people meet and how things progress. In my head, I believe people just meet via online dating and then go on dates until the woman wants to have sex or something. I have no idea. I am 32 and have no idea what the fuck I am doing. It feels so embarrassing.

What really hurts me is that I was apparently supposed to figure all this out when I was like 15. Since I didn't, I am basically a 15 year old kid when it comes to relationships. What woman wants to date a man with the dating experience of a teen ager? Fuck. What fucks me up more is I don't even get how people get to the point of wanting to kiss or have sex. I am still astonished people kiss on the first date. apparently.